Snapchat Dating Realities


Snapchat Dating Tips
Quick, guys, what comes to mind when you think of Snapchat? If you’re anything like I was just a few years ago, you’re probably picturing horny teenagers swapping nude selfies, confidently thinking they’ve satisfied the dual pressures of their raging hormones and the growing conventional wisdom that you should never let anyone see your naked pics online.

You’ll probably even give a nod to the slightly older groups, the college students and upward, who use the app for the same thing and are either under a likewise impression of safety or are just too cynical to care anymore.

Either way, it’s all about sealing the deal with women you already know in real life. The enticing Snapchat hookup, and even full-on Snapchat dating must first begin in a coffee shop, or a party, or some other place that involves people actually seeing each other in person.

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