Dating an Intelligent Woman


How to date an intelligent woman.
It was awhile ago, but I always loved the storyline in the fifth season of Family Guy where Brian dates a blonde girl named Jillian. Putting aside the fact that their relationship technically constituted bestiality, they were hopelessly mismatched on an intellectual level. While Brian regularly gets called out by the Family Guy ‘verse for not being as smart as he thinks he is, he in fact is a pretty intelligent guy, while Jillian had a barely functional IQ.

She was, however, gorgeous, and it was made clear that Brian stayed with her purely for the sex. Eventually, he could bear her stupidity no longer, and broke up with her. It was a decision he came to regret, but could not undo, though I sympathized with his call.

Hilariously, there was a later episode in which Brian ended up dating an intelligent woman who was as far above his league as he had been over Jillian’s, and things similarly didn’t work out. That time, I felt like my (literal) dog Brian needed to stick with it, but that reveals my personal biases, which is what I want to talk about today.

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