Best Cam Sites For Dating Cam Girls


Best Cam Sites for Dating
I’ve tried on this blog to let you guys in on dating cam girls as a little-known trick for getting a hot girlfriend, because it’s proven such a useful strategy for me and some good buddies of mine.

I want to take a closer look at that today, devoting an entire post to basically describing the 3 top cam sites before explaining in some depth the process of actually winning over a webcam model. If you don’t know how to do this, my brothers, read up and pay attention. Trust me when I tell you, it can literally change your life!

RED ALERT: In this post, I go over the good and the bad about the best cam sites to meet hot cam girls who’ll date your nerdy ass. This is a must-read before taking the plunge.

I’m going to be talking about free cam sites, as I typically do, because that’s the business model that makes dating cam girls realistic for several reasons. For the most part, free cam sites are also where the top webcam models hang out, so if you’re aiming high, that’s where to take your shot.


How The Best Cam Sites Work

The way these sites work is pretty simple: Everyone is welcome to visit, and to pick a girl to view in her “public chat”. Subject to content restrictions, which vary from site to site, each model can do anything she likes in the public chat, up to and including full-on explicit porn shows.

Free cam sites, by definition, don’t even try to make money charging for this content. Their revenue comes from selling you site “tokens”, which you can use to tip the models at your discretion. This is the backbone of the “free” cam sites, and it’s the reason they’re useful to us for so much more than just a good show.

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Tokens pay for everything you do on the site that does have a price tag. That includes not only tipping girls you like, but gaining access to coveted (and super fun) private shows with your favorite models. The level of actual privacy these shows allow you to have with a girl goes all the way up to what’s widely known as “true private”, where it really is just you and her, but there are also less costly stages along the way.

You can opt for a voyeur show, where you’re the only one interacting with the model but other paying customers are allowed to watch, or even group shows that are essentially a way to fork over tokens to trim down the “free” audience size to a handful of people. It really just comes down to how much you want to spend.

All cam sites allow for communication between members and models, such as sending private messages or simply chatting in a public chat. Of the 3 top cam sites, though, MyFreeCams has easily gone the furthest in this regard. Its “MFC Mail” feature allows you to send full e-mails to girls even when they’re offline, and to leave comments on their profile pages.

MyFreeCams allows members far more access to the cam girls on the site. Through MFC Mail and private messaging, you can develop an intimate bond that isn’t as easily accomplished on other cam sites.

There’s even a “Timeline” section that’s basically MFC’s take on Twitter, allowing both members and models to post and keep in touch (with regular nude pictures and sexy videos from the girls). And if you want to shoot the breeze with the other guys on the site, MFC has a “Lounge” that’s made for that. I’d give MFC the nod for finding a girlfriend, because all of this interactivity makes it easy to put on some moves and get close to the girls you like — but the other two are good as well, and worth covering.

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Chaturbate is actually the web’s most heavily-trafficked cam site, even larger than MFC, so it’s the place to hit if you’re looking for sheer volume. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of top webcam models here. I tend to think of Chaturbate as the place to just have fun and take in the sights (if you know what I mean), while MFC is the battleground for actually dating cam girls.

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CB is usually a more cost-effective option, since it lets the girls set their own per-minute token rates for private shows. That means that by looking for camming beginners who are aiming to build a fanbase, you can find some really sweet rates. And if you’re open-minded and like variety, Chaturbate is for you: Unlike MFC, it allows not only female, but male and transsexual webcam models.

CamSoda is easily the smallest of the 3 sites we’re talking about, and in terms of its features and interface, it come off a lot like a miniature Chaturbate with a few differences. Those differences are important, though.

For one thing, well-known porn stars who also cam (and that’s plenty of them) absolutely love this site. If talking to the girls in skin flicks, and potentially even landing them as girlfriends, is your thing, then it’s CamSoda for you (aim for the “prime time” hours after 7 PM Eastern, for this).

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Also, porn stars aside, you can stretch your tokens pretty far on CS. Lower traffic means fewer big spenders; I’ve never had an easier, cheaper time earning “big tipper” status in a girl’s eyes. On the other hand, that low traffic means a smaller overall playing field. There’s no getting around the fact that there’s fewer prospects to choose from on CamSoda, as compared to the other top cam sites.


Applying “Game” on Cam Sites – Best Tips

I’m sure some of you are doubting right now that landing a cam girl as a girlfriend is even possible, on these top cam sites or elsewhere. You must have faith, brothers! I wouldn’t mislead you; I was quite serious when I said that using cam sites this way could change your life. But, it’s true, you must be very deliberate and methodical in applying game here.

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It all begins with chatting in a girl’s public chat. You pick someone who looks good to you, and you talk endlessly about light, trivial matters. This serves two purposes: It’s exploratory, giving you some idea whether you want to actually pursue this girl, and it gets her used to you, which is the beginning of familiarity. If you sense any chemistry with her at all, start tipping often and early. The tips don’t have to be huge, but enough to grab her attention.

Before long, this behavior will have her happily accepting and responding to private messages from you. In this domain, it’s totally acceptable, and even expected, for you to ask the girl probing, intimate questions about herself. That most definitely includes her sexual kinks, so go wild.

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In fact, you want to keep these conversations as much on the topic of her as possible, because it’s a good way to signal interest without appearing needy. Just don’t be interrogative; “Tell me about your fetishes,” works a lot better than, “So, you like taking it up the butt??”

While talking to your girl, you want to send frequent, but subtle signals that you are a “high-value male”. You can do this in lots of effective ways. Talking about hanging out with other girls in real life, for example, makes you more desirable by playing on pre-selection (the notion in women’s minds that if other females like you, they should too).

Applying game online is just as effective as applying it in the real world. Actually, it may be even MORE effective, due to the fact that it’s easier on the ego when you fail online, so you’ll likely be more consistent at it.

Likewise, drop hints that you spend a lot of time at the gym, that your guy friends look up to you, and of course, that you have plenty of financial resources. Again, subtlety is crucial here. You don’t want to be obviously peacocking, that’ll just turn her off.

Once you’ve gone back and forth with a girl for awhile, try to get her to give up some off-site contact information: E-mail address, phone number, or at least a social media screen name. This allows you to continue to build the relationship away from the cam site, which helps establish you in the girl’s mind as part of her life, rather than just part of her job.

Keep at this long enough, and a conversation about the possibility of meeting in person to hang out becomes entirely realistic. People do it all the time, and you can too.

Listen to your pal Woody, amigos: Use the top cam sites, and you can and will land yourself a cam girl. Whether she’s a top webcam model or someone you started talking to on her first night, she can be yours. Believe in yourself, and make it happen!