Buy Used Panties The Ninja Way


Buy Used Panties - Ninja Method
Not too long ago, many or even most guys who get turned on by women’s panties felt embarrassed about their personal fetish. I mean, I get the whole surface aspect of it: Someone who wants to buy used underwear just so he can sniff it can be mistaken as some kind of deviant, so he may think that of himself.

Luckily, the internet has had a huge positive impact on this community, and all it really had to do was show each man in it just how many others like him there were. Sniffing panties isn’t weird. In fact, dare I say it…sniffing panties is natural.

RED ALERT: Don’t get scammed, gentlemen of the panty-sniffing community! I’m about to reveal exactly how smart panty-fetish dudes are getting genuine dirty underwear from hot chicks they can trust! You’ll never believe how it’s actually done…

I gotta say, over the ages, we humans have tried some pretty bizarre stuff to stimulate sexual desire. And whether any of it ever had a beneficial effect for us or not, some of it was very much to the detriment of certain animals – at least, if the Asian stories about “tiger penis soup” are anything to go by.

But nowadays, we have a little thing called Science, and it tells us that the only proven aphrodisiac we know of is simply human pheromones. Those are chemicals in our bodily fluids, detected by our noses.

In other words, for all that it sometimes gets buried in modern ideas about hygiene, we like the way the opposite sex smells. It turns us on. And if that’s the case, there’s certainly no odor that could be more understandably tied to sexual arousal than that coming off the reproductive organs. So if you want to buy dirty panties, feel no shame, gentlemen!

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Don’t go worrying too much about exactly what you do with them, either. Once you shell out, those babies are yours, man. Sure, the “typical” activity is to just smell them while whacking off, and if that’s your bag, more power to you.

But the women who deal with guys who buy used panties have talked about first being asked to pee, poop, or have their periods in that underwear before wrapping it up and shipping it. Sometimes guys will pull the panties over their own heads, or wear the things themselves. Whatever floats your boat, you do you, and don’t let anybody tell you that it’s wrong.

But while there’s certainly no shortage of women online who will indulge you if you want to buy used underwear from them, finding them can be a bit of a challenge for some. Not because they’re particularly well-hidden, but really, because some of them are a little too obvious. This is a problem, and I’ll explain.


How NOT To Buy Used Panties

See, there are these websites called “marketplace” sites, which have been set up specifically to help guys buy used panties from women who want to sell them. They’re like Amazon for this one market. Women come to the sites, and usually submit to a verification test that’s supposed to prove they really are of the fairer sex.

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Then they offer up their soiled undies for sale, usually with the promise that they wore each pair for at least 24 continuous hours. They set their price, share a percentage of each sale with the marketplace, and voila! Guys have an inexhaustible supply of nice, smelly panties for sale. What could be better, right?

Sure, it’s just that, unfortunately, these marketplace sites really suck. One of the biggest problems is trust, or the lack thereof. I mean, put yourself in these girls’ shoes. They’ve been lured by promises of the easy money they could make selling their used underwear to strange guys, and now they’re trying it. They’re under pressure to maximize their revenues, and many of them do so by means of some pretty shady dealings.

Remember when I said that most panties are sold with the assurance that they’re fresh off the ass of a girl who had them on for a full day straight? If women actually honor that promise, they’ve got a bottleneck right away: They can’t sell more than a single pair of panties per day. That’s 7 a week, about 30 a month, 365 and one-quarter a year…you get the idea. So no matter what happens, sales can’t expand beyond that.

Marketplace panty-selling sites can unfortunately be serious dens of iniquity. Trust is essential before buying used underwear, and that’s very difficult to establish on these sites.

Unless they cheat. Plenty of women on the marketplaces will take fresh panties off the department store shelf and spray them with strange chemicals that they believe smell like a girl’s cooch (and produce just the right soiled-yellow shade to please the eye; they’re pretty sophisticated).

Or they really will wear the panties…in layers of 4 or 5 at a time, so that only 1 out of every 4 or 5 buyers actually gets the product he wants and was promised. It’s all a con game.

But forgetting that, even if all of these girls were on the up and up, ask yourself: Would you really want to buy used panties from a stranger? I mean, if the answer is a genuine and heartfelt “Yes”, then like I said, more power to you. But I’ve got to tell you, most guys who give that question some thought realize that they’re a “No”.

Most panty-sniffer fetishists prefer to buy underwear from girls they know and trust, rather than from a faceless model on the internet who may not even be legit female.

See, for all that I said about pheromones and the natural attraction to human scent, the typical guy who’s into panties doesn’t JUST want panties. He wants them from a girl he knows, maybe even someone he considers a trusted friend – someone who trusts him, as it turns out, enough to give him her freaking underwear.

There’s just a basic disconnect between wanting something like that, and trying to get it from women whom you have to worry are constantly out to scam you.

No, man, forget about the marketplace sites. They’re just not worth it. Luckily, I know a much better place to find what you’re looking for, without any of the problems I just described. Have you ever considered using cam sites for this?


Buying Cam Girl Underwear

If you think about it, they’re perfect. The nudity and sex shows that happen on cam sites aren’t the main attraction; what it’s really all about is finding a girl you like, talking to her, and getting to know her. If you don’t believe me, you’ve been sadly deprived of one of the internet’s greatest pleasures, but worry not.

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You can see for yourself by simply tipping a cam model a little bit, consistently, over a few days. That’s really all it takes, and then you’ll be considered one of her regulars. Regulars get all sorts of privileges that ordinary viewers don’t get, such as personal attention from the girl.

Where that attention ultimately leads is up to the two of you, but I can tell you that close friendships and even romances are born on cam sites every single day. Guys fly across the continent and even the world to see women they first met on the cam, or they fly those women out to see them. Getting close enough to a girl for her to let you buy dirty panties from her is child’s play.

Very deep connections are known to form between cam girls and their regulars. Romances have commonly occurred, as well as less serious flings. Buying panties from a cam girl you have a bond with is obviously the best way to go about it.

More importantly, when you do get those panties, they won’t just be undergarments. They’ll be a kind of trophy from a real girl you actually know, not a faceless name on the internet who might be lying to you. The trust you can build on a cam site is very real, as are the friendships.

I recommend MyFreeCams (MFC) and Chaturbate, as they’re the biggest cam sites with the most traffic. They’re also especially good for guys from the US, UK, Canada, and other Western countries, as they have by far the most girls from those places. Believe me, that makes things WAY easier if and when your relationship with a particular cam model becomes intimate. Good luck, amigos!

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