Dating a Hot Girl – What it Takes


Dating a Hot Girl - Best Tips
Most guys who are having a hard time developing their game already feel intimidated and insecure approaching anyone of the female persuasion, even someone who doesn’t have perfect hair, a hypnotizing smile, and a body sculpted by Aphrodite herself. For such men, the mere thought of talking to a 9 or 10 isn’t even frightening; it’s just sheer lunacy.

RED ALERT: In this post, you’ll learn exactly what you need to bring to the table, if you’re looking to score a hot chick for dating purposes.

Why would you set yourself up for such an obvious rejection? Women like that hang from the arm of billionaires, or at least UFC championship fighters. But what if I told you that dating a hot girl is not only doable, it isn’t even half as difficult to accomplish as you probably think it is?

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Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that approaching hot single women calls for the same tactics you’d use on everyone else, and I’m not even saying it isn’t more difficult. It doesn’t, and it is. But this is a part of the game like any other. By learning the rules, sharpening some skills, and being persistent, you can and will win.


What You Need To Know About Hot Girls

The most important thing to remember at all times about hot single women is that they pretty much universally have high standards. They can afford to; they know they’re beautiful. And why wouldn’t they? No matter how flawless her genes, no woman looks that good without working at it.

We’re talking about people who log long hours at the gym doing aerobics, count every calorie that passes their lips, and probably have so many hair care products and skin moisturizers at home that Walter White could convert their bathroom into a meth lab.

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They don’t do all that for nothing. They’re earning the right to be the center of attention and ultimate prize of every heterosexual man in every room they walk into. These girls have options; they can blow off just about any man who thinks he has a chance with them, because they know there will always be another in line behind him.

Truthfully, most women have this privilege, but the top-tier ones are in a league all their own. Others will eventually have to settle, but 9’s and 10’s can snap their fingers and bring a man to his knees. And if any particular man refuses to bow, don’t worry; the one next to him will be more accommodating, leaving the first with his dick in his hand.

Hot girls - What you need to know.

I say all this not to discourage you, as dating a hot girl can certainly be done. Nor do I want you to think they’re all self-absorbed bitches; some are, of course, but many can be downright pleasant. The reason you must keep their standards in mind is that those standards make it even more important than usual to display high “sexual value”. We’re talking about girls who can have anyone.

So we get them to choose us by making them believe we’re better than all the rest. We do this by remembering the traits which women are hardwired by evolution to find attractive in men: resources, social status, and dominance.

Women are unwittingly attracted to men with status, strength, and resources. Evolution has wired them to seek out these traits, so they tend to respond positively when a man signals that he possesses them.

I can’t overstate the fact that you do not have to actually possess any of these things. What’s important is that you send all the right signals to indicate that you do, so women attribute the qualities to you.

Looking like you have money, for example, is pretty easy: wear nice, pressed clothes, pepper the conversation with references to your “business” or “portfolio” or complaints about your “partner” at the “firm”, and when you get far enough for her to see your cheap car, explain it away as a courtesy loaner while your Lexus is being serviced.

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Social status is best displayed by being seen to have many friends, while being the alpha of that pack who seems to direct the group covers dominance well enough. If you’re worried about what happens when you’re actually dating a hot girl and eventually get caught in these lies, it’s all good. Beautiful women in particular expect men to exaggerate their positive traits for the sake of being impressive; these are the kinds of things you and your new girlfriend will be laughing about together. Preferably in bed.

With hot single women, it’s especially important to use “preselection”. This is simply the female psychological principle that a man who is found attractive by other females is more likely to be a desirable partner. This can exploit this quirk of women’s minds by arranging for the girl you’re after to see you with another girl who seems to enjoy your company. The person you’re seen with need not be someone with romantic or sexual interest in you; any female friend can do this for you as a favor. Just treat her to a chick-flick afterwards.

Preselection is one of the most effective “game” tactics because it activates urgency in a woman’s mind. When she sees other women interested in you, she immediately wonders what she’s missing out on, and realizes that she has to act quickly if she’s going to snag her “catch” before the competition does.

Once you’ve moved in and are actually talking to the girl, maintain a smooth conversation without repeating yourself. Don’t compliment her on her beauty; she gets those compliments from dozens of guys a day, and you want to stand out. Avoid being interrogative, but use probing statements to find areas of common interest.

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Expect her to be “worldly”; she’s more likely to be passionate about social media and hip clothing designers than the results of the last Guilty Gear tournament. Keep your eyes on hers and be confident and sure of yourself. Remember, in any given encounter, you are probably going to get rejected. It ain’t no thing; you dust yourself off and you try again.


Train By Talking To Hot Girls on Cam Sites

Dating a hot girl, as with most women, takes practice. You can get that experience in the field of battle if you want, but I recognize that this is difficult for many guys, especially those with limited experience who may be more comfortable talking to people online than in person. For these kindred spirits, I suggest doing your training on cam sites. They are absolutely swarming with hot single women, and those women are surprisingly easy to talk to.

All you have to do is become a member on a cam site (I recommend Chaturbate or MyFreeCams, as they are the biggest with the best reps), and go browsing. You’re going to see a lot of girls you’d like to get to know better. While you certainly don’t have to restrict yourself to just one, you should keep it under five for sake of time.

Start by shooting the bull with your girls in public chat. Cam models love it when people talk in their rooms, because it keeps the energy flowing and prevents boredom (which is pretty much a cam girl’s worst enemy). Figure out what she’s into and explore those topics. Express interest in the things she seems to be passionate about.

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Then, you start tipping. It’s really that simple. If you tip a girl a small amount consistently, for maybe a week or two, she will begin to consider you one of her “regulars” and the doors will swing open for you. She’ll smile when you show up, she’ll talk to you eagerly, and she’ll be warm and friendly. And the best part is, none of it is an act. These girls really do enjoy making friends on their sites. The opportunity to practice and sharpen your game skills couldn’t be more golden.

I should mention, too, that this isn’t necessarily mere practice. While most guys falsely believe this is impossible, it’s actually quite common for cam girls to take an interest in one of their regulars, and even to arrange to meet with him in person. It happens all the time; I’ve been the beneficiary of it myself. Give these cam sites a go, brother — you’ll thank me!