How To Date a Pornstar


How To Date a Pornstar - Complete Guide
Dating a pornstar. For some guys, it’s a non-starter; they aren’t doing it, but more importantly, they wouldn’t want to. They may be the jealous type, or they may be worried about catching STDs (a common, but misinformed concern, as industry-standard testing means porn stars are actually cleaner than the general population). Or maybe they just don’t like the idea of having a girlfriend who mambos with other guys for a living.

RED ALERT: For those of you out there who like to reach for the sky in the dating world, you need to listen up, because I’m going to reveal exactly how to date a freaking pornstar. Yes.

Fair enough. But for a lot of our brothers, you can flip that a full one-eighty: many’s the man who finds it hot as hell to be with a girl who’s so gorgeous she gets paid for it, because people are literally willing to throw down cash just to watch her do what our hero gets to actually experience for free. It isn’t even that hard to reconcile with a certain species of monogamy, since by all accounts, sex on a porn set is stressful and joyless, and really is just a job.

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But if you do want a pornstar girlfriend, is getting one a realistic goal? I have to tell you, there was a time not all that long ago when I would have had to say No, and I don’t like admitting that something’s hopeless. Things have changed, however, and through his explorations, your old pal Woody has found what amounts to a secret weapon in this erstwhile unwinnable battle. My friends, let me teach you how to date a pornstar.


Dating Pornstars is About Knowing Their Industry

I don’t imagine it will come as a surprise to anyone to hear that guys looking to date porn girls have their work cut out for them on this. Due to their prized status, even a modestly successful pornstar has plenty of options when it comes to dating.

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And I’m not just talking about regular guys who are better-looking than you. Most of these girls grow accustomed pretty quickly to having boyfriends at least as famous as they are. In some cases, they’ve got dudes who are full-on celebrities.

That doesn’t mean they only ever date such men, and I’m certainly not trying to discourage you by telling you this. But I do want you to be aware that knowing how to date a pornstar means understanding that the competition is, if you’ll pardon the pun, rather stiff.

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Luckily, we’ve got our secret weapon, and it’s based on facts about how pornstars actually earn a living. You see, there was a time when any attractive 18 year-old girl could sign up to make adult movies and be paid a small fortune if she got the part, with the promise of ever-increasing riches to come if she kept at it. Those days are now over.

The internet, with its ready availability of free pornography, has pulled the rug out from under the industry. The producers themselves are barely getting by, so it goes without saying that they can’t afford to pay the talent anywhere near what was once on offer. As a consequence, girls in the business are forced to use porn more as a “springboard” than a paying career in its own right.

Doing porn no longer pays what it once did, so today’s pornstars have to do feature dancing and camming in order to make bank. This is an extremely positive development for any guy looking to date a porn star.

They let their videos make them famous (at least among adult entertainment aficionados), then they use that fame to drive traffic in related ventures. Moderately well-known pornstars often travel liberally to perform as “feature dancers” at strip clubs, where guys line up around the block to see them. And they also, virtually all of them, work as cam girls.

Camming is the reason that dating a pornstar is possible in this new age. It creates an inroad, an opportunity for literally anyone to talk to the girl and, given the proper grace and strategy, have a better than even chance of her responding positively. It doesn’t matter how popular she is or how many fans she consequently has in her following. If you’re serious about it, you can have a conversation with her on the cam site. And that means you can apply your game.

Nearly all porn stars also work as cam girls, these days, so it’s never been easier for a normal guy to get their attention and work some game.

Obviously, knowing how to date a pornstar won’t help if you don’t have a target. So the first step is to pick your favorite performer (a daunting challenge for some, but I believe in you), and do your research on when and where to move in. This shouldn’t be too hard, as she doesn’t exactly want to be difficult to find.

Just follow her Twitter and Instagram accounts for awhile; if she doesn’t already have her schedule posted on her profile, she’ll mention sooner or later that she’s camming at a particular site. That’s your cue. Make a note of when she’s typically on cam and be sure to be online at those times.


How To Get a Pornstar’s Attention On Cam

You might think that getting in to talk to her would be the hard part, but it’s actually pretty easy. Well, simple, at least. All you have to do is tip her, and tip her consistently each time she’s online. Like I said, simple. It may or may not be “easy” depending on how much competition you’ve got in the channel, as it will really help if you tip enough to get noticed.

But regardless, tipping often is sufficient to be seen as a “regular”, and any cam girl knows to treat her regulars well. She’ll actually read your posts in the chat, and she’ll answer. This means you have her attention, so you’ve got to seal the deal by being funny, stimulating, and generally more interesting than most of the other guys in the room.

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Considering that “most of the other guys” are going to be incessantly complimenting her physical attributes and describing the various carnal acts in which they want to engage with her, this shouldn’t be excessively challenging, but you do need to work at it. Use game. Pre-selection, displays of high value, and alpha signaling can all be done to great effect in a chat room.

Once you’ve established a basic rapport with her, you can move it forward by asking her for a private show. This is an opportunity to explore common interests and sexual fetishes in a one-on-one environment, and provides invaluable bonding time.

Dating a pornstar is totally doable.

Once you’ve reached this stage, you will probably at least have a strong friendship with her, the kind in which getting her phone number or otherwise talking to her off-site will be far easier. From there, the sky’s the limit. Do not think yourself restricted by the fact that everything’s been online so far; cam girls meet their regulars in real life all the time, and that certainly applies to porn stars who cam, as well. Make it happen.

As to which cam sites tend to have the most porn names, it’s basically a tie between MyFreeCams and CamSoda. Teagan Presley actually once cammed on MFC, and there have been many other big stars that have also made that site their camming home.

A good number of big porn stars also like CamSoda, which is a newer, but popular cam site. They’re currently giving away free tokens to every new member who signs up, so take advantage of that before the offer ends. Signup here for that.

And that, my brothers, is how to date a pornstar using the magic of cam sites. In closing, let me just leave you with a warning about the sexual realities of actually dating a pornstar.

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In case it hadn’t already occurred to you, these girls are used to being around men who are, shall we say, slightly above average below the belt. “Hung like a freakin’ donkey” might be a better way to put it. It’s common for the boyfriends of pornstars to be left feeling somewhat inadequate. After all, they need only pull up the right video to see what their girl’s getting at work.

I recommend shoring up your performance before going to bed with one of these ladies. Just improving the strength and staying power of your erections will do wonders for your confidence. For this reason, I suggest taking Extenze, as I’ve used it and found it to be very helpful. You can get an absurd discount on it by using this coupon code.

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