Dating Cam Girls – Is It Possible?


My Thoughts on Dating Cam Girls
Traditionally, picking up girls and hunting for a girlfriend have been about as easy and enjoyable as giving a lion a dental cleaning. You somehow gather courage from you know not where to approach your target, pour your most genuine effort into impressing her and getting her interested in you — and then, nineteen times out of twenty, experience the worst sinking feeling known to mankind as you realize she knows what you’re doing and couldn’t be less interested. It’s her rejection that’s responsible for your misery.

RED ALERT: If you’ve ever thought about dating a webcam girl, you’re not delusional. Cam Site members dating cam girls happens ALL the time, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

That’s what you were so afraid of before you tried this, that’s what hurts like the fires of Hell now, and in most cases, that’s what’s going to keep you from trying again anytime soon and anywhere near often enough to actually have a chance. The techniques I try to teach you here aren’t just a matter of being more effective while talking to women; they’re about helping you find the confidence to endure rejection so you can keep trying even when a given prospect doesn’t pan out.

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It’s brutal, brother. But despair not! For we are fortunate to live in the age we do, when modern technology freely offers us an opportunity to find a girlfriend unthinkable to our ancestors. Guys, let’s talk about dating cam girls.


What Exactly is A Cam Girl?

In case you weren’t aware, a “cam girl” is simply a woman who signs up with a camming site, where (provided she is old enough, which is pretty much the only requirement) she will be given a public channel accessible for free to anyone who cares to visit. Using her home computer and webcam, she can then broadcast over this channel to her assembled live audience. Subject to certain mild restrictions imposed by the host site, the content of her show can be whatever she wants it to be.

Cam girls run the gamut, from college girls, to lonely introverts, to the perky girl-next-door.

You see where this is going: these girls are, essentially, online strippers. They don’t get paid by the site on which they work, instead relying on tips from their viewers, much like traditional strippers. These tips are given in the form of “tokens”, which are purchased for cash by site members. Tokens can also be used to entice specific cam girls to “go private” with a particular member, broadcasting and speaking only to him for the duration of the private show.

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Among the camming sites, behemoths like LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams were duking it out for awhile. All three are still major players, but clear dominance has gone to Chaturbate and MFC, leaving Jasmine in a distant second. Plenty of other sites exist, but if I’m honest, they’re just not worth the trouble. They don’t have nearly the kind of traffic that the front-runners command, and a large majority of the girls there tend to be located in Eastern Europe or South America.

Chaturbate and MyFreeCams are clearly the stand-out cam sites, when it comes to finding cam girls who have dating potential.

This can create communication difficulties with English-speaking guys; most cam girls do speak English, but those who have it as a second language may do so very poorly. You also want these girls to be as geographically close to you as possible, which disqualifies Chile and Romania when you’re kickin’ it in Boston.

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So, why am I telling you about the online camming industry? Simply put, because the women who work in it are a titanic game-changer for men looking to score a girlfriend. Talking to these girls is pretty much the nature of their business (anyone can see naked girls for free on a porn tube; what you’re paying for here is interaction). Camming is much more about relationships than titty flashes.

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Talk them up enough and with just a tiny bit of grace, actual cam girl dating follows almost as a natural consequence. The best part is, the fear and agony of rejection is virtually eliminated. Sure, there will be some girls with whom you just don’t click, but you’ll find that the anonymity of the Internet and the ready availability of limitless further prospects does much to soften the blow.


Why Dating Cam Girls Is Not a Fantasy

And if you’re thinking that the very notion of dating a cam girl is too fantastical to bother contemplating, I invite you to stow that prejudice with haste. To be sure, it’s a common belief among the cam-going public, but it is nevertheless wrong; woefully, hilariously wrong. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen love bloom on these sites.

How to date cam girls.

One good buddy of mine, who actually bought into the conventional wisdom and didn’t believe it could happen, wasn’t even trying when our boy Cupid used him and his favorite cam girl for target practice. For real, bro. This dude used to just talk to the girl, happy to have someone to share the various stresses of his life with at the end of the day. Guess what happened? All that intimacy made them grow closer, they got to be friends, and within half a year, she was flying out to meet him in person. That was almost two years ago. They just moved in together, following their wedding, last month.

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Bro, this guy didn’t even have dating a cam girl on his radar, and it happened to him. Just think what you can accomplish, when you go in there on a mission and put real effort toward your goal. Remember, most of your “competition” is just there for a show. They don’t think this is possible.

Dating a cam girl starts with becoming one of her “regulars”. This is ridiculously easy. You just show up to see her consistently over a period of a few days, tipping her modestly each time. Don’t worry, the amount of money you’ll spend on this is trivial compared to what you’d pay if you were taking her out on dates in real life, so think of it as a savings. It’s actually important not to overdo this early tipping, so as to avoid making her feel like you’re trying to buy her off.

Cam girls will often get quite close to their regulars, and romances are known to happen commonly.

It only takes a little, anyway, and she’ll open right up to you. Don’t be surprised if she starts greeting you by name every time she sees you enter her channel, and becomes exceptionally responsive to anything you type in the chat.

From there, it’s essential to identify interests you share in common with her, and use those to fuel conversations (this is incredibly important, as it allows for those critical initial bonds to be formed). Once in awhile, spring for a private show with her, and have a great time but keep an eye on using the opportunity to talk to her intimately. If things go well, you’ll be her “internet boyfriend” before you know it, a status that can easily lead to meeting in person.

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If not, it’s on to the next. The beauty of dating cam girls is that there’s virtually no effort involved in finding each one. As long as you can finance the relationship (and again, that’s cheaper by a mile than doing it physically would be), you can just keep swinging until you hit something. In practice, though, you probably won’t have to go through more than a handful of girls, especially if you stick to my method.

Online rejection is 1,000 times easier to take than in-person rejection. And when you add the sheer number of high quality dating candidates on a cam site, it’s obviously the way to go.

Let me sign off by declaring unequivocally that nothing I’ve stated here about the power of the Internet to help guys find a girlfriend should be construed as supportive of traditional dating sites. Those things are usually a detestable scam, loaded with fake female profiles created by the staff to deceive male members into thinking they’ve got a shot there. Dating sites are good for nothing but wasting money and getting your hopes up, only to have them dashed. They’re a disaster; stay away!

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