Dating an Intelligent Woman


How to date an intelligent woman.
It was awhile ago, but I always loved the storyline in the fifth season of Family Guy where Brian dates a blonde girl named Jillian. Putting aside the fact that their relationship technically constituted bestiality, they were hopelessly mismatched on an intellectual level. While Brian regularly gets called out by the Family Guy ‘verse for not being as smart as he thinks he is, he in fact is a pretty intelligent guy, while Jillian had a barely functional IQ.

She was, however, gorgeous, and it was made clear that Brian stayed with her purely for the sex. Eventually, he could bear her stupidity no longer, and broke up with her. It was a decision he came to regret, but could not undo, though I sympathized with his call.

Hilariously, there was a later episode in which Brian ended up dating an intelligent woman who was as far above his league as he had been over Jillian’s, and things similarly didn’t work out. That time, I felt like my (literal) dog Brian needed to stick with it, but that reveals my personal biases, which is what I want to talk about today.

RED ALERT: Smart women can really hit the spot for a lot of chaps, so I’m breaking down exactly how they tick and how to get a brainy cutie in your lap on the pronto.

Personally, I love dating smart women, and it turns out I’m not alone. Actually, there’s a whole sexual fetish for people who feel that the brain really is the biggest sex organ, and get off on having an intelligent partner.

They’re called “sapiosexuals”, and while I can’t quite say my proclivity is strong enough to count me among them, I certainly understand where they’re coming from. There’s just nothing quite like having a girlfriend who can hold an intellectual conversation with you on a thoroughly nerdy subject.

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For me, it’s a rousing philosophical debate that gets the ol’ juices flowing, but I’ve also talked at length to girls (some of whom weren’t wearing anything at the time!) about history, physics, and even cosmology. And of course, with a big brain often comes geeky hobbies not typically associated with women. Try bringing a gorgeous girl who knows how to min/max a half-Orc Barbarian to your next D&D session. You may not be running the game, but to your friends, you’ll be the real Dungeon Master that day.


How To Find Intelligent Babes To Date

Now, dating an intelligent woman does first require finding one, and for that you need to know where to look. Most guys’ first instinct is to hit the dating sites and screen for profiles that indicate some smarts, but I’m sorry to say this is a terrible strategy. The first and most glaring reason that’s the case is because those sites, absent all hyperbole, freaking scams.

I’m not even joking with you guys. See, most of these sites have absolutely terrible male-to-female rations. As in, 30 to 40 men for every 1 woman, or worse. For a service that thrives on making overwhelmingly heterosexual pairings, it doesn’t take a statistician to recognize that that’s bad for business, so the sites take action against being such a sausage fest. Unfortunately, their preferred tactic is bald-faced lying to their customer base.

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In order to “balance things out” between men and women, these sites actually pay people to create fake female profiles full of sexually-enticing pictures for the consumption of their (vastly) disproportionately male users. Sometimes these compensated crooks will maintain those accounts, responding to messages to give guys false hope and keep them coughing up for the monthly subscription.

Other times it’s all automated, with a bot mindlessly sending out canned responses to every “hey baby what’s up” it receives. Because sometimes even professional liars can’t find work in the 21st century that a machine can’t do for free. #AndrewYang2020.

Mainstream dating sites are often full of fake profiles and sometimes even fake “chatbots” that will engage you in some flirty convo. It’s almost always slim pickings when trying to find quality women, intelligent or not, on these sites.

Aside from the outright fraud perpetrated by the sites themselves, there are the only slightly less mischievous time-wasters with which to contend. These guys aren’t on the site’s payroll, but they’re providing the same service that the bots and human scoundrels are offering.

They’re just random, lonely dudes on the internet who, apparently, have nothing better to do with their lives than pretend to be hot women on dating platforms and string along other lonely dudes. They’re doing it for the thrill of it all rather than any pay, but the end result is the same: Real, genuine men can’t trust the “women” they meet there.

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The isolated “success stories” you hear about from dating sites are kind of like shark attacks and plane crashes: Incredibly rare when compared to the possible numbers, but when the lotto gets hit and they do happen, they get publicized. A false impression of commonness is thus created.

Stay away from these sites, bros. They’re just not worth it. Trust me, they aren’t the place for dating an intelligent woman; any actual intelligent woman would know enough to avoid them.


MyFreeCams is a Haven For Intelligent (and HOT) Women

So where to go? By far, the best method I’ve found for finding and dating smart women is to visit cam sites. Many of them are good for this, but I’ve had the greatest success by a good margin on MyFreeCams (MFC), which seems to attract intelligent girls more than the others.

It isn’t a huge surprise, when you think about it, that we could use cam sites to find smart women. I mean, the one thing we know about all of these girls is that they at least know how to use a computer, right?

Cam sites are the perfect environment for dating an intelligent woman, and for finding a girlfriend in general, because it’s so ridiculously easy to build a relationship with the girls there. That’s because the biggest hurdle there is to clear with any woman is getting her to “let you in” – and no, I don’t mean physically.

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That part is actually relatively easy, if you can just get her to listen to you in the first place. So many women will simply write you off five seconds after laying eyes on you, and will give you nothing but polite smiles and affirmations (if you’re lucky) no matter what you say or do, until you breathe a word of wanting to go out with her or get closer in any way. Then it’s rejection city.

With cam girls, on the other hand, all you have to do is tip regularly. I’m serious, guys, it’s that simple. Get her to see you as a “regular”, and she will actually talk to you when you talk to her. That’s really talking, now: She’ll answer questions about herself honestly, and she’ll show interest in learning about you.

Cam girls are actually in the business of flirting and bonding with dudes on the internet. And you better believe that romances between models and members happen ALL THE TIME.

She’ll build a bond with you, which can potentially lead anywhere. I’ve met several cam girls in person after initially finding them on their site, and I know it’s a common thing for other guys as well. It’s so freaking easy once you break down that insufferable wall so many women insist on putting up.

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And, yes, I’ve personally been in the position of dating smart women on cam sites myself, in addition to making some truly awesome friends with benefits. You relationship with these girls can go anywhere: Once you’ve gotten close to them, getting them to Skype with you off-site and even give you their phone number are all extremely feasible.

So much falls into place just from getting to really, genuinely talk to a girl. Try it, guys, you won’t believe the results!