Does Jelqing Work?


Does Jelqing even work?
For many men, the size of the penis is a strong preoccupation, relating both to their own member and, for comparison’s sake, that of other men. If a man perceives his size to be inadequate, which is an alarmingly common male concern, the quest to level up his “Billy Below the Belt” could easily take on the character of an obsession.

RED ALERT: This post will reveal the truth about jelqing without any BS. Facts, evidence, & dangers will all be examined.

The problem, historically (and make no mistake, this issue has been grappled with for thousands of years), is how exactly to accomplish the desired feat. Nowadays, we’ve developed a number of surgical interventions that are nothing if not effective, but with that said, the thought of putting Santa’s Little Helper under the knife is enough to turn any guy into the cowardly lion of Oz.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of non-invasive pills, potions, and other strategies used throughout the centuries to add a few intimate inches without slicing precious flesh in the process, and one such concept that is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in the age of the Internet is jelqing. The oddly-spelled word (we normally don’t do Q’s without subsequent U’s in English) by itself will prompt a veritable library of on-topic results from Google — but just what is jelqing, and more importantly, does jelqing work?


What is Jelqing?

Put simply, jelqing is a workout routine for your dick. It’s an exercise that is performed by gripping the penis either between your thumb and forefinger or within the circular space created by forming the hand gesture that means “OK” in the United States, gently stroking from base to glans, then repeating for a given number of “reps”. Following a prescribed period of rest, you then perform another “set”, and may do this from as often as several times a day to as seldom as a handful of times a week.

Jelqing is said to be basically about repeatedly stretching the penis to promote growth and cell division, leading to a larger member.

Jelqing exercises enjoy a diverse and passionate following online, with different groups disagreeing on the particulars of the technique and the necessary frequency of workouts. Most enthusiasts agree that jelqing should only be done on a semi-erect penis, that the exercise should immediately be stopped or delayed if a full erection occurs, and that the glans should never be jelqed (the stroke goes from base of shaft to bottom of glans, before repeating).

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It’s important to wrap the penis in a warm towel or take a hot shower first, to soften the organ and ready it to stretch without sustaining injury. Usually, beginners are advised to exercise less frequently than experienced jelqers, and to gradually ramp up as they become more comfortable. And while no one should have to actually tell you this, if pain, bruising, or colored dots ever occur on the penis, for the love of God man, leave Peter in peace.

The stated mechanisms by which jelqing exercises are supposed to achieve results vary: how, exactly, does jelqing work? Some say it’s all about blood flow, with the rhythmic stroking promoting circulation and engorgement, leading to growth.

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Others claim that stretching the penile tissues themselves stimulates them to divide and multiply, so that you end up with a greater total volume of man-meat than you started with. There is also some disagreement as to whether the gains you make through jelqing are permanent, or need to be maintained via a lifelong exercise regimen.


Will Jelqing Work For My Pee-Pee?

Alright, so now that we’ve more or less answered the “what is jelqing?” part, let’s get to the real question: does jelqing work? And here, dear reader, I just might have to disappoint you with a cowardly cop-out. The fact is, I know enough not to pretend to know things I don’t know. I’ve never tried jelqing, myself, so I have no personal experience on which to draw when it comes to forming my own opinion on the efficacy of jelqing exercises. All I can do is tell you what I’ve seen.

What is Jelqing?

It should hardly surprise you to learn that medical science, by and large, is not a fan of jelqing. The exercises themselves seem to be safe enough, so long as responsible practices (such as, again, never jelqing a full erection) are observed; but there’s simply no particular reason to believe that they work. I’ll admit even I am a little confused as to how increasing blood flow to the penis is supposed to increase its size, other than through the very temporary process of causing an erection.

Of course, I should note that to my knowledge, no actual studies have been conducted on the power of jelqing. Scientists hear about the exercises and basically ask “why should that help?”, which is an order of magnitude less damning than “we’ve tested that under controlled laboratory conditions and it doesn’t work.”

While jelqing does not enjoy much support from establishment medical and scientific authorities, you can literally find huge forums online filled with men who insist it has worked for them.

Meanwhile, it’s worth remembering that there are any number of fringe practices (homeopathy comes to mind) that don’t have many friends in scientific circles, yet are backed by positively vast communities of enthusiasts who swear by their effectiveness. Jelqing is no exception. All over the web, you see message boards filled to the brim with jelqers swapping stories and sharing techniques.

Again, there’s disagreement about the best ways to perform the exercises, but they’re all pretty consistent on at least one thing: they’ve all seen results from jelqing, having added real inches to both their length and their girth. Sure, the placebo effect is real, but rulers don’t lie, so who the hell knows? Not me.

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Something I can be far more confident about is the fact that men who want to get laid definitely have much to gain by increasing their penis size, whatever their means of doing so. Take it from me, the girls you hook up with (we’re not talking about relationships, here) will be looking at how big your dick is, and using it as a major factor in determining how much they enjoy your company.

Frankly, the scientific evidence on a larger penis’s ability to better satisfy a woman sexually is as sketchy as the evidence for the effectiveness of jelqing, but this is a psychological issue with THOTs. They like ‘em big.


Jelqing Instructions

My bottom line is that jelqing, responsibly done, seems to be a safe exercise with a large following that promises to give you a major advantage in hooking up (at least, with the same girl more than once). I can’t promise it’s going to work for you, but is it worth a try? Hell, I wouldn’t fault you just for being curious, so yeah, I say go for it.

If you do decide that you want to give it a try, there are plenty of Internet resources you can pore over and study up on to help you get started. Jelqing isn’t something you want to do wrong, so it makes sense to get the right information to ensure you don’t endanger ol’ Mister HappyTimes. But if you’re looking for the fastest way to safely jump right in, one well-reviewed product I’ve seen is Erection Fitness.

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It’s pretty much just a guide to jelqing correctly (rather than any physical gadget), but it condenses all that extant material into a single workout prescription. Erection Fitness sides with the “cell division” camp we discussed earlier, as well as stressing the importance of growing muscles within the penis. In fact, it claims to offer the same kinds of techniques used by bodybuilders to increase muscle size in other parts of the body.

Whatever you end up doing, just do it responsibly, and cut it out if you notice any undesired results. Stay safe, brothers.

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