Girls Who Like Small Dicks


Girls who like small dicks - SPH Fetish
Today, I thought we’d talk about “it”. You know, “the subject”. This is the ultimate measure of a man’s worth (no it isn’t), the single determining factor in whether he can sexually please a woman (hardly), and the final judge of his right to enjoy healthy self-esteem (oh please). As you can tell from the parenthetical snark, I don’t actually believe that dick size should be important to a guy’s image of himself, as I happen to know better.

RED ALERT: Small dicks are actually desired by many girls out there, so you’re going to find out exactly who they are and where to find them.

I realize, however, that whatever I may think, it is, and so it’s a topic that deserves some attention on any blog aimed at us dudes. But rather than take the usual angle of reassuring men of the dual truths that their size is probably statistically average even though they likely consider themselves small, and that it mostly doesn’t matter to women anyway, I’ve opted to go with a slightly different approach.

Because most people don’t realize that, beyond merely not finding it a fault, there are actually plenty of girls who like small dicks, and as it turns out, small dick dating is even a thing.


Small Penis Humiliation Fetish

Specifically, I’m talking about the SPH fetish, more explicitly known as Small Penis Humiliation. As you might guess from the helpfully informative name, this is a kink that has women belittling and ridiculing men over their pathetic peckers as its center of mass. Unsurprisingly, it’s a subset of Female Domination (femdom), an umbrella term covering various ways of putting women in charge of a sexual or romantic encounter, and describing probably the most popular set of fetishes among the male sex anywhere.

A lot of men have a hard time imagining that guys could enjoy being put down for an inability to measure up, but they’re pretty consistently in for a surprise; poking fun at small penises, if you’ll pardon the horrible pun, is huge.

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There are a wide variety of ways in which SPH can manifest. There is the “traditional” a la carte encounter between a dominatrix and her submissive, characterized by a possibly leather-clad woman angrily reminding a kneeling man how utterly inadequate his tiny size makes him, usually while he licks her boots or pleasures her orally. In these liaisons, feminization of the male sub is common, with the fellow being made to wear panties, make-up, or the like.

But a lot goes on in SPH beyond such typical mundanity. As mentioned above, full-on small dick dating is frequently practiced, in which committed romantic couples (featuring girls who like small dicks and enjoy humiliating their men as much as the men love being humiliated, of course) make the fetish a centerpiece of their relationship.

The man in these pairs may delight in being told how unsatisfactory he is in the very midst of intercourse, getting off as his girlfriend wistfully muses aloud about how great a big dick would feel, or being made to watch as she finishes herself off with a vibrator because Mr. Smallwood can’t do the trick.

Small dick dating issues.

Depending on their mutual boundaries, they may even choose to make his humiliation more public, with the dominant woman sharing pictures of her partner’s hilarious hoo-haw with her friends or posting them online for all to see.

It’s worth noting that, with the obvious exception of such public shaming, SPH doesn’t require that a man actually be small in order to participate. Most men falsely believe they are below average to begin with, but even if they know they’re not, the fetish relies psychologically on the classic male insecurity about pleasing women. Being told their dick just isn’t big enough to pull that off pushes all the necessary buttons, whether or not it’s strictly true.

Many men who are of average size experience penile dysmorphia and come to believe they don’t measure up. This is called Small Penis Syndrome.

The SPH fetish can frequently be found occurring in tandem with its sibling femdom kink of cuckoldry. In that fantasy (or lifestyle, as the case may be), a dominant woman in an ostensibly committed relationship enjoys sexual dalliances with other men, with her primary boyfriend’s full knowledge and acceptance. A man in this sort of relationship may sometimes be made to watch his girlfriend get it on with other guys, while on different nights, he might instead be left at home to stew in unremitting jealousy while the dominant goes out on a “date”.

Couples who just like to pretend may feature a girlfriend stroking her man off while telling him wholly made-up stories about her affairs, but the cuckold life is definitely rife with small dick dating and very much lived for real by many people. How this kind of play fits hand-in-glove with SPH isn’t hard to see: a dominant female will frequently berate her “cuck’s” puny size as unable to please her, making it necessary for her to go out and find “real men” to sleep with.


Cam Girls Who Are Into Small Dicks

Again, some guys may find it challenging to see where these kinds of fetishes come from, and that’s fine. Me, I’m not personally into the whole femdom scene, but I keep an open mind and don’t judge, especially since I have my own “interesting” proclivities that I won’t go into right now. One thing I definitely appreciate about SPH, even if I’m not into it myself, is the therapeutic benefit it seems to be able to produce for others. My basis for that belief is anecdotal, but powerful.

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I have a good buddy, who will be known here as “Jeff”. For years, Jeff talked a great game about his legendary lust and prowess at scoring with women, but as time rolled by, I began to notice that he never seemed to act on these claims. Lots of men boast, especially to their friends, so I didn’t think a whole lot of it, but one night when he and I were cleaning up after a D&D session, I decided to call him on it.

I wasn’t confrontational, I just asked why I never see him actually hitting on girls. Though he was a bit defensive at first, we trusted each other a lot by this time, and he confided that his reluctance was due to his dick size. He had researched the numbers (unlike most guys), and though it was only by about an inch, he really was below average.

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This fact crushed his confidence and rendered him unable to do anything but talk about getting women, and no amount of encouragement from me was enough to get him into the game. His salvation came when he discovered cam sites (as you can imagine, Jeff relied a lot on porn and other online sources of relief). He found them to be well-populated with girls who like small dicks, and who enjoy the SPH fetish. To his surprise, he was into it, too.

The cam girl community is overflowing with hot women who genuinely love engaging in SPH fetish play with underendowed men. Quite a few serious relationships have formed between cam models and regulars who bond around this kink.

This was all roughly a year or so ago, and things have gone pretty well for Jeff since. Not only did he have a great time in the SPH community on his cam site of choice, but he really hit it off with one of the cam girls he met there. Jeff is one of the reasons I now know that small dick dating really does happen; he’s built a pretty intense relationship with this girl online, and I’m delighted to say he’s come out of his shell and gone to visit her several times now. Go Jeff!

It may not be my thing, but if femdom in general, and SPH in particular, can help my buddy out like that, it’s alright by me. As to where I’d go to find the hottest chicks involved in SPH fetish, Chaturbate and MyFreeCams stand out as the best options, by far.

They’ve got the hottest western girls (US, UK, Canada, Australia) and Small Penis Humiliation fetish is popular on both sites. Look for the SPH tags to quickly find girls who are into small dicks (#SPH #SmallDicks #SmallPenis #Femdom).