How Much Does a Sugar Baby Cost?


How much does a sugar baby cost?
I admit, there have been times when I’ve broken down and done the sugar daddy thing. I say this as someone who has invested a considerable amount of time, effort, and emotional energy into learning the kind of pro “game” that could convince women to stop seeing me as a desperate, sweaty nerd and start considering me as a fun sexual partner, and even a boyfriend.

RED ALERT: I’m going to reveal exactly how much you can expect to shell out when you get yourself a sugar baby. And I’ll also reveal a sweet little trick to find a truly awesome girl to fill the role at the end, so get reading!

But I tell you, for all that the triumphant thrill of talking a girl into bed never gets old, it usually takes so much arduous climbing over the crags of complex social legwork and repeated rejection to reach that storied mountain peak, that it can be easy indeed to long for a simpler way. So don’t feel bad if this sounds like you, bro; your old pal Woody has been there himself.

But the financial implications of going this route are very real, so it’s only natural (not to mention practical) to first ask: how much does a sugar baby cost? Well buck up, my friend, because it’s not as much as you probably think.


Sugar Baby 101

For those of you who are wondering what the hell I’m even talking about right now, a “sugar baby” in this context (as opposed to the context of confections) is a woman who dates you on the mutual expectation that she will be compensated for spending her time with you. This compensation typically takes the form not only of your entirely covering for all social activities which the two of you engage in together, but occasional shopping trips that include buying gifts for the girl, and in most cases, an agreed-upon monthly “allowance” paid to her in cash or by deposit.

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Because you treat her so lavishly, she then engages in a relationship with you, with all the usual trappings therein with which you are both comfortable. Yes, I’m talking about sex. Your relationship with this lady is called an “arrangement” in the lifestyle’s parlance, and she will think of you (whether or not she actually addresses you as such) as her “sugar daddy”.

Sugar babies get a fair amount of hate directed at them for what they do, with their critics calling them gold-diggers at best, and full-on prostitutes at worst. I suppose there’s a legitimate argument to be had over the first label, which I won’t get into because the term “gold-digging” is so imprecise and ill-defined. The accusation of prostitution, however, falls flat on its face.

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Throughout human history, people have had this bizarre fascination with calling women prostitutes for doing almost anything with even a possibility of carnal intimacy. A good example would be over a century ago in the United States, when young, single girls began moving to the big cities to find work, and while there, often went out on dates for which it was understood that their male companions would pay. Because these relationships sometimes included sex, there was more than a whisper from the moral guardians of the day that the women were actually engaging in the world’s oldest profession.

Real hookers, hilariously perceiving a threat to their business, even began referring to the female dating population as “charity girls”, since they were giving the product away for dinner and a movie instead of holding out for cash. Today, anyone with a brain can see the absurdity of such logic. Men have historically provided for women with whom they were having a full intimate relationship, which is effectively what sugar dating is. You can call sugar babies exceedingly traditional by modern progressive standards, if you like, but they’re not prostitutes.

Sugar babies are neither paid sex workers, nor traditional girlfriends. They’re essentially compensated companions with whom you can enjoy a deep, emotionally intimate relationship.

Of course, it’s also not fair to say that sugar relationships are the same as regular dating. Clearly, they’re not. The fact that money is changing hands and both parties agree that financial benefits will flow towards the female side creates an obvious power imbalance.

But this imbalance favors the sugar daddy, granting him a certain authority and expectation of gratification. It’s important to note that this does not make the sugar baby a hired worker, nor does it interfere with the development of emotional intimacy that can occur in any relationship. It just means that you call the shots, and on the balance, is a huge plus for these relationships from the male perspective.


Okay, But How Much Will a Sugar Baby Cost Me?

So, how much does a sugar baby cost? There’s no single number to be given, as it depends upon a dizzying array of factors including which city you live in, how much time you expect to spend with your sugar baby, and of course, her attractiveness. Between dates, gifts, allowance, and other assorted costs of a sugar baby, you shouldn’t expect to get away with this for less than $2,000 per month, with expenditures only going north from that figure.

Sugar Daddy Money Requirements

There’s really no limit to the richness of the life you can share with this kind of partner – there are certainly sugar babies who will go away with you for weeks on exotic vacations, for instance. You just have to be able and willing to foot the bill. So it’s pricey, but simultaneously, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to be any kind of millionaire to do this.

While being wealthy helps, you DO NOT need gold bricks falling out of your ass to have a sugar baby. The monthly cost is actually quite similar to that of having a “high maintenance” girlfriend.

Also note that in some aspects, you can even save money sugaring as compared with a traditional relationship. Remember the aforementioned power imbalance? It gives you plenty of clout to call the shots as to the kinds of activities in which you and your sugar baby will engage, and how often. A regular girlfriend, on the other hand, needs to be kept entertained. Cheap out on her too much, for too long, and pretty soon you won’t have a regular girlfriend anymore. The costs of a sugar baby are actually much more forgiving in this regard.


The Smart (and Low-Cost) Way To Find a Sugar Baby

A good way I’ve found to keep down the costs of being a sugar daddy is to find your girls online. Here I’m not talking about the so-called “sugar meet” dating sites, which are almost all worthless scamholes. It’s actually much better to make friends with cam girls on their cam sites, and explore sugaring with those who are interested (there will always be many who are). How much does a sugar baby cost when she’s entirely online? Again, there’s no universal figure, but I can tell you this much: we’re talking about hundreds per month now, not thousands.

Cam sites are a great way to find sugar babies for the simple reason that cam girls are the perfect demographic: they’re young, beautiful women who aren’t afraid to use their looks to benefit financially. They’re also extraordinarily friendly and approachable toward their regulars, meaning that all you really have to do to start building a genuine friendship with one is to tip her small amounts consistently over a few days and interact with her in chat.

Cam girls love to bond with their fans over shared interests, and they will often “meet up” with trusted “regulars.” Very deep romantic relationships have been known to begin this way.

I am truly amazed at how reliably this works. Once you and she are tight, which shouldn’t take long at all, you can discuss a sugaring relationship with her. Where it goes from there is up to the both of you, but don’t think that just because you guys started online, you have to stay there. One of the things I love about cam girls is that most of them are remarkably willing to meet in person with friends they make over the site. It happens ALL the time.

Of the available cam sites, I recommend using Chaturbate or MyFreeCams for finding your sugar babies. They’re the biggest in the industry, thus offering the largest potential pool, and the girls there tend to be Westerners, which makes things a lot easier if and when you decide to physically meet someone from there. These sites are definitely a fantastic way to keep the costs of a sugar baby manageable; give them a try, you won’t regret it.

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