How Much To Give a Sugar Baby


How much do you give your sugar baby?
Brothers, I have a confession to make. This isn’t something that’s easy for me to say, as it profoundly and fundamentally undermines the image I’ve striven to create for myself in your eyes. There’s even a strong chance that after I tell you this, I will feel irreversibly compelled to castrate myself with a rusty spoon.

But I can live this lie no longer. For you see, my dear friends, I, Woody, your trusted mentor in the PUA arts…have dated sugar babies.

RED ALERT: If you’re wondering how much in allowance to give your sugar baby, you’re in the right place. I’m going to reveal exactly what the typical sugar relationship will cost you.

Oh, the shame! The humiliation! The dick-shriveling emasculation!


Money and Sugar Babies

As you’ve probably divined, I’m full of it right now. Oh, not about the sugar babies – they’re real, and every bit as sweet as their title suggests. But I’m not ashamed of having dated any of them, and may well do so again in the future. I’ve gotta tell you, my bros, being a sugar daddy was one of the most enriching and educational experiences of my life.

It taught me that the spectrum of possible relationships extends far beyond the traditional paradigm in which most of us were raised. And in case you’re thinking it, no: I didn’t pay for sex. I spoiled a few beautiful young ladies who were well worth it, and who were honest with me about what they were looking for (just as I was, with them). I cared deeply for each of the girls with whom I sugared, I’m glad I had the experience, and I encourage you all to explore this fascinating dating phenomenon yourselves.

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Alright, but I know what you guys are thinking. “Sounds great for millionaires with money to burn, Woody,” many of my readers’ monitors are hearing right now. “I wish I could drive down to the club and throw hundred-dollar bills at strippers, too. But some of us just don’t have these options.”

Fair enough, bros, but let me rebut. First off, I’m no millionaire. With that said, though, yeah, there are some people who can’t be doing this. If you’re hurting for spending money at the end of each month after barely paying your bills, you can’t realistically be sugaring right now. Although I hasten to point out that it’s considerably harder (but by no means impossible) for guys in that situation to get girls at all

Contrary to popular belief, being a sugar daddy DOES NOT require you to be a millionaire. How much a daddy spends on his sugar baby depends a lot on how much time they spend together.

On the other hand, it’s an unfortunate myth that your money needs to be kept in a bottomless Bag of Holding before you can even think about being a sugar daddy. It’s just not like that, guys; you don’t have to be rich to do this.

The question of how much to give a sugar baby does have a variable answer, however. You need to factor in the cost of dates, gifts from daddy to baby, and of course, her regular allowance – but none of these expenses are fixed numbers. They depend on how often you want to go out with your sugar baby, how many and what kinds of presents she expects, and the kind of allowance you negotiate.

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But really, the determining factor for all of these variables and the most crucial consideration of all, borrowed from the business of real estate, is: Location, location, location. It’s all in where you live, bro. The cost of living is simply higher in some markets than in others, and if you live in downtown New York or Los Angeles, your wallet is going to be feeling a lot more sugar pain than it would endure in rural Alabama.

I’ll tell you guys right now, based on my own experience and that of other guys I’ve talked to in sugaring, that a $2,000 per month sugar baby is completely realistic with the correct location. If you happen to live in such a place, you lucked out, and are free to use a sugar meet site like (which used to be known as SeekingArrangement) to find a local girl. Actually, that’s the only meet site you should bother with. I haven’t used it, myself, but several of my friends have told me good things, while they all agree that the others are universally trash.

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Sugar Baby Costs Are Lower on Cam Sites

But what about everyone else who doesn’t live in the boonies – which is, after all, most guys? Worry not, my friends, for your old pal Woody has not forgotten you. To be honest, while seems pretty good, even those who live in a low-cost market should consider using cam sites to find their sugar babies. This is far cheaper than the meet sites, and really puts them to shame in effectiveness. I can tell you that for me, it’s been a pretty devastating hack of the usual sugar paradigm.

Not only have all of my sugar babies come from cam sites, but I’ve seen the impact that sugaring there can have on my friends as well. A good buddy of mine really hit the lottery on MyFreeCams when he met the most adorable girl you can possibly imagine, who turned out to be as big of a DC comics fan as he is.

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Yes, brothers, I was shocked too, but I’m here to tell you such girls do exist! My friend and this purple-haired beauty (seriously!) bonded quickly, and have enjoyed sparring over all the classic DC controversies: Questions like “Does Aquaman suck?”, “Can Barry Allen outrun Clark Kent?”, and of course the grandaddy of them all, “Who Wins Between Batman and Superman?”. For the record, the answers to these questions, respectively, are “No”, “Yes”, and “Superman”. Come and get me, bitches.

But the point is, my friend has been sugaring with this girl for nearly two years, and they couldn’t be happier together. When they first started, he was wondering about how much to give a sugar baby himself, but he’s settled into a routine where he spends about $2,000 per month on her all-in, and he’s able to afford that comfortably. He even flies her in to see him at his place several times a year, or arranges for them to meet somewhere else. They have a blast together at conventions.

Your own experience on how much money to give your sugar baby will vary, of course, but again, it’s mostly about where she lives. That’s why cam sites are so good for this: If you make a point of looking for girls who live in the right areas, cost becomes pretty easy to control. You’ll sugar online for most of the time (allowance and gifts are handled through Paypal and Amazon, respectively), but it’s typical for an online sugar couple to meet in real life when they both feel that the time is right.

Many online-only sugar baby relationships eventually turn into physical relationships. This happens ALL THE TIME in the camming world, but few will admit it.

You can “kick down the door” on using cam sites to find sugar babies if you like, and get right to it by searching for girls with tags like “#sugarbaby” and “#lookingforsugardaddy” on their public channels. Personally, though, I prefer to take my time. It’s ridiculously easy to get cam girls to “let you in” as a potential friend by simply tipping them a few times a week, which gets your foot in the door.

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From there you just kick back, get to know them, bond over common interests, and let the chips fall where the may. The least that’s going to happen is that you score a hot female friend (which are immensely helpful to a guy in any number of ways) whom you get to see naked. If you really hit it off, though, the sweet sugary sky’s the limit.

Do yourselves a favor, bros, and hit those cam sites. I like MFC for this because of it’s high traffic and my buddy’s success story, personally, but Chaturbate’s good too. Wherever you go, though, give this a try. It works, and just the process of reaching the goal is incredibly fun and rewarding.