How To Find a Smart Girlfriend


How to find an intelligent girlfriend.
I’ve got to tell you, guys, smart girlfriends are one of the great pleasures of life. They’re stimulating (in more ways than one), they keep life interesting, and dammit, they’re just plain hot! I’ve found any negative stereotypes about the appearance of intelligent women to be grossly unfair and undeserved, as they actually tend to be drop-dead gorgeous more often than not, but the attention they can give you on a mental level is sensual no matter what they look like.

RED ALERT: If you’re the kind of dude who’s stimulated by intelligent babes, and would love to attract one for a long-term relationship, listen up because I’ve got some tricks that’ll help you land a smarty pants in no time.

Unfortunately, it’s far from easy to figure out where to find these girls. I think we all know by now that colleges aren’t the answer, as “institutions of higher learning” these days are anything but, and the people there just remind you of everyone else rather than any kind of intellectual elite. Besides, some of us are a bit old to be stalking the quad at the local university seeking a date without looking creepy.

As it turns out, bros, your good pal Woody has had many smart girlfriends over the years, and in that time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to finding them. More to the point, I’ve found the single devastating life hack that can open the door to a veritable world of brainy girls who are actually eager to talk to and get to know us.

Stick with me, and in just a bit I’ll tell you how to find a hot girlfriend with a juicy IQ to knock the boots with on the regular!


Why Nerds Love Intelligent Girlfriends

At the very least, you may like to know that this isn’t an uncommon proclivity. I mean, it’s not like most men (and women, for that matter) wouldn’t list intelligence pretty highly as a desirable trait for a partner to have — but for many, it goes beyond a mere attraction.

There’s a bona fide fetish called “sapiosexuality”, describing those who get titillated and downright turned on by people with powerful minds. For these folks, the logical fineries of Pascal’s Wager aren’t a debate. They’re foreplay.

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Of course, there’s no hard and fast definition of a sapiosexual, and like I said, lots of people like smart people. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to claim sapiosexuality for myself, but I definitely enjoy the company of an intelligent young woman.

And yes, it’s a freaking honest-to-Zod sexual turn-on, in addition to being mentally stimulating. For me, it’s the philosophy that does it. Sit me down with a hot girl who can eloquently defend compatibilist free will against a concerted determinist onslaught, and I’m pitching a trouser tent before either of us even mentions Dan Dennett.

And when you get past the intellectual conversations, I’m just going to come out and say that brainy girls are kinky as hell. I’ve only got my own experience to draw on, here, so maybe I’ve just been lucky and your mileage may vary, but I’ve been hitting a string or lotteries if that’s the case. Every last one of the smart girlfriends I’ve had has been into some pretty “creative” stuff, and most of them have been willing to try anything new at least once.

Intelligent girls seem to like exploring fetishes and unconventional kinks more than less intelligent women. Curiosity is the key reason.

Personally, I’m not surprised by this. Intelligent people are curious by nature; they want to explore life and the many experiences they haven’t had yet. That leads to discovery, including the discovery that you like things you might not have realized were for you had you not given them a chance. When you date someone who’s got brains, that’s all included in the package.

There are non-sexual benefits to dating a smart girl as well, naturally. And I’ve got to say that the number one spot for that goes to the fact that they manage to keep you humble and simultaneously make you feel like the greatest possible boyfriend on the planet. I’ll explain.

Well, the humble part is actually pretty straightforward. Having a girlfriend who can match your intellect is a fantastic check on the ego.

Dunning-Kruger haunts us all like a pissed-off poltergeist, and there’s no better antidote to its effect than the presence of a person who knows you well, is with you often, and can shoot you the hell down (gently, one hopes) when you start flapping your trap about things you don’t really understand. Yes, my brothers, every man needs his own personal Ygritte. Because you know nothing, Jon Snow.

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But let’s look at that from the other side. It’s also nice, damn nice to have a hot, intelligent girlfriend who could have had any heterosexual man with a pulse, and after the sort of reasoned, rational analysis that smart people do, confidently concluded that you were her best choice. Score one, compadre.

I always had a hell of a time meeting such girls, though. Until, that is, totally by accident, I stumbled upon what has proven to be the ultimate secret of how to find a smart girlfriend. It’s so simple, and so logical, I can almost promise you’re going to feel like kicking yourself when I tell you.


Finding Smart Girlfriends on Cam Sites

It’s the cam sites, bros. Of course it’s the freaking cam sites. It makes all the sense in the world. The one thing you know about every single girl there, bar none, is that she can use a computer with at least minimal proficiency.

I mean, duh, right? People who are good with computers have a higher likelihood of being nerdy types who enjoy learning compared to the regular popular, and people who enjoy learning tend to be intelligent.

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Alright, alright, so I’m painting with a broad brush here. I certainly don’t mean to say that every last cam girl is a geeky genius, far from it. But check out these sites, bro, and I promise you that you’ll be surprised and amazed at just how many of the models are genuinely a nerd’s dream: Intelligent, interested in things like science and philosophy, and even (yes, I’m serious) gamers!

Cam sites are brimming with smart girls who are into nerdy topics. Science, philosophy, edgy science fiction, you name it. And gamer girls are easy to find.

I definitely prefer MyFreeCams, or MFC, for this. Something about that particular cam site seems to attract an inordinate number of nerdy girls. Think of me what you will, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve made some of my best female friends on MFC, and it’s been quite a ride.

Smart girlfriend potential at MyFreeCams

I’ve literally had a video feed on Skype with a girl I met there, during which we debated philosophy. She sat in front of her webcam, mercilessly trouncing my naive interpretation of Descartes, completely naked. Good times, man.

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If you’ve read some of my earlier blog posts on this subject, you know about the very real phenomenon of cam girls forming close, genuine friendships with their viewers. It’s extremely common, because these girls (generally speaking) feel no discomfort in getting to know the guys on the site.

All you really have to do is tip the girls you like, and keep it up for a few days to a week. That makes you a “regular”, which is all you need to get your girl’s ear. From there, things may or may not work out, but if they don’t, it’s on to the next until they do.

I really recommend hitting MFC and looking around. This site is the answer to how to find a smart girlfriend, without even leaving home! Signup for free here.