How To Get a Sugar Baby


Hot to get a sugar baby the right way.
There’s a lot to be said for cutting out the middle man and getting straight to the point, and when it comes to dating women, that means learning how to get a sugar baby. I talk a lot on this blog about the principles of “game” and what it takes to convince the fairer sex that you’re the kind of dude they should want to spend their time with, and I do think it’s important for just about all guys to be familiar with those strategies. But sometimes you just want to sit back and let your money do the talking.

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It’s always spoken with the loudest voice of all, and it usually settles the argument much more quickly and easily than any combination of actual words can. Even as someone who’s taken the time to more or less figure out what the hell he’s doing when he talks to beautiful women, I can’t blame any man for getting sick and tired of the runarounds, the rejections, and the overall aggravation that must be successfully navigated and endured before success even becomes an option.

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Why in Palpatine’s name shouldn’t you just find a sugar baby and be happy? Bear with me here, guys, because before I’m done, I’m going to give you the “secret weapon” method of accomplishing this, as used by the pro players in the sugar bowl.


What is a Sugar Baby?

But first, in case you’re a bit out of the loop and currently think I’m suggesting that chewy caramel candy be somehow used as a substitute for live women (let’s not delve into that one too deeply), “sugar babies” in this context refers to girls who will date you explicitly because you have money. As their “sugar daddy”, which is here also not a Jamaican confection, you will be expected to take them out on nice dates, buy them gifts with at least some regularity, and in most cases, directly give them an agreed-upon sum of cash on a monthly basis that will be known as their “allowance”.

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In turn, she offers you her companionship, a boon that can and will go exactly as far as the two of you decide that you wish it to. Now, despite the existence of some ill-informed arguments to the contrary, what we’re discussing here isn’t prostitution. There are certainly plenty of girls willing to offer sex for a price as well, but they are not sugar babies.

If you’re just looking to get your rocks off and you want to hire a female partner to help you do the job, you can acquire that service, far more illegally and less expensively. In other words, it isn’t worth it to find a sugar baby if you’re merely horny. Go look for a hooker.

The difference between sugaring and prostitution is that, when you have a sugar baby, you have an ongoing relationship. Prostitution is about transactional sex and nothing more.

What sets the two apart is the potential depth of the relationship you can build with a sugar baby. Don’t let the fact that money is changing hands fool you into thinking that this is a cold business transaction. Human bonding is a complex and nuanced phenomenon. Your sugar baby may start dating you largely or entirely because you have money, and it may even be the only reason she stays with you at first. But over time, and given at least some basic compatibility, the closeness and familiarity between you will often lead to real emotional attachment.

Find your sugar baby using my secret weapon method.

Eventually, she starts to like you for you, and while she may well remain happy to continue benefiting from your resources, she genuinely has additional motivations that are equally compelling. When you really think about it, in fact, the only thing that’s at all odd about this kind of relationship is its overt admission of the financial aspect’s importance. It’s not like women have never been attracted to well-off guys before; they’re just usually more subtle (some would say less honest) about it.


How Much Does a Sugar Baby Cost?

But let me not overstate just how deep your pockets have to be in order to find a sugar baby. This isn’t a game that only the rich can play. Obviously, you’ll need to have some disposable income, but simultaneously, the girls you’ll meet generally understand that most men aren’t going to be whisking them off on exotic Tahitian getaways every other week. Bare bones, it will be necessary to have $1,500 – $2,000 per month that isn’t earmarked for necessities. More than that certainly helps, but isn’t mission-critical.

Sugar babies vary in terms of how much you’ll have to spend, but arrangements in the $1k to $2k per month ballpark are very common.

If all of this is sounding pretty good and you’re starting to wonder how to get a sugar baby for yourself, let me first tell you how not to do it. You’ll want to avoid the dedicated “sugar meet sites” that have been established for this purpose on the web. I’ve seen them. They’re garbage. These things are basically just glorified traditional dating sites, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know how I feel about those.

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In fact, most of the sugar meet sites suffer from the exact same problems plaguing their more mundane counterparts, such as the out-and-out fraud of using officially-sanctioned fake female profiles to interact with male members and create the false impression of a greater estrogen presence. The sites don’t care about actually helping you find someone; if anything, they’d rather you didn’t. After all, once your perfect match is made, what’s the first thing you’re going to stop spending truly insane amounts of money on every month?


My “Secret Weapon” Method To Get Sugar Babies

But worry not, for your old pal Woody is here to tell you how to get a sugar baby the right way. Quite by accident, I seem to have stumbled on a virtually limitless supply of these girls. What’s more, the investment necessary to find them is much smaller than what you’d spend on those predatory meet sites, which just goes to show that dropping more cash doesn’t always yield better results. I’m talking, of course, about cam girls.

Many cam girls are also sugar babies.

It couldn’t be simpler, my brothers. Webcamming sites represent one of the best ways to meet women, including sugar babies, that I’ve ever come across. It’s ridiculously easy to get close to these girls, because they become so warm and eager to build a friendship with you once you merely drop them a few small tips over a week or two.

And best of all, a surprising number of them either are sugar babies (and will be so obliging as to advertise in their channel that they are looking for sugar daddies), or would be happy to become so, once the relationship is described to them. Obviously, that’s a conversation best saved for later, when you’re talking to a good and trusted friend made over months, but it’s one that almost always reveals interest when it’s held with just a few different girls.

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Cam sites really are the holy sugar grail, bros; this is how you want to find a sugar baby. Oh, and don’t go thinking that just because these girls may live far away from you, the relationship must forever remain online. Cam girls meet friends made over the site all the time, and a sugar daddy is much more than a friend.

I’d simply advise you to avoid getting involved with anyone who lives in exceptionally distant and remote places, from which travel would be difficult to arrange. For your sugar hunt, just stick with Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, where most of the Western cam girls like to work, and you should be fine. You’ll be surprised how many girls you find there who actually live in your area.

Contrary to popular belief, cam girls frequently develop strong bonds with their “regulars,” and often meet up with them in person.

Of course, I should point out that not everyone wants to take their sugar relationship offline. One of the benefits to keeping things online-only is that the demands on your time are extremely light – an important bonus for overly busy folks. Online-only sugar daddies are now a thing, because having an “internet girlfriend” can be downright awesome. So it really depends on your needs and desires: physical or not, cam sites have got you covered.

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