How To Hookup on Snapchat


Hookup on Snapchat
Let me ask you something, bros: Have you ever thought about hooking up on Snapchat? Most men haven’t, or if they have, they at least haven’t looked at it that way. Experienced PUAs will know that Snapchat can be useful for continuing a pursuit that began in real life.

Many women will give you their Snapchat handle before they’d give you their phone number, and this hands you a means of communicating with and charming them over a platform that was practically designed to facilitate naked selfies. But actually meeting girls on Snapchat? That’s just not how it works, right?

RED ALERT: Hooking up on Snapchat has become a major way to score serious hotties for carnal activities, so I’m revealing everything I know about how to do it the right way.

Well…sort of. I’m not telling you to find your girls on Snapchat itself, it’s true. But under my strategy, you can still wrangle them up from the comfort of your own home and computer, then use Snapchat to close the deal – with a reliable way to get your foot in the door, thus giving you an instant advantage from the start. Sound good? Let’s talk about how to hook up on Snapchat.

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The Secret of The Snapchat Hookup

Our story begins, as wonderful tales of pleasure and happiness so often do, on cam sites. I’ve talked before about how cam sites can be amazing tools for guys, well beyond their obvious uses. These are the bona fide dating and hookup spots of the 21st century.

All you have to do is pick a cam girl you like (not hard to do, though you may feel a bit overwhelmed by your options), and start talking to her. I won’t go into exact techniques for winning these girls over right now, as that’s not our focus for the day, but I will say that the sky’s the limit here. Getting girls on cam sites is becoming increasingly common for men nowadays – yet the sites remain a greatly under-tapped resource.

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Fair enough, but what does this have to do with hooking up on Snapchat? Well, amigos, it turns out that we’re not the only ones who benefit from this app. Cam girls, too, find it immensely useful, in their case as a marketing tool and revenue source. Talk to a cam girl for long enough (which is pretty much anything over ten seconds), and she’ll be happy to direct you to her Snapchat account.

One if not both of them, that is, since she has two: One free, and one premium. Her free account, with which everyone is welcome to interact, is pretty tame: Shots of her cat, discussions of her deep and encompassing love of flying kites, and frequent mentions of her work as a cam girl.

Now and then, you might see a teasing picture showing a bit of skin, but Snapchat worries for our immortal souls and strictly prohibits nudity on their platform, so the girl has to be careful to keep her basic account from getting banned.

Explicit content is actually banned on the Snapchat platform, but that doesn’t stop girls from getting freaky on it anyway. Cam girls have developed effective strategies to work around this restriction.

Her premium, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. This is a private account that we have to pay to access, anywhere from $10 (for new, no-name girls) to around $50 (for those who are well-known and have a loyal following) per month. In exchange for coughing up the cash, we get frequently-posted nude pictures of the girl and even video that’s every bit as crude as you can imagine.

Of course, Snapchat can’t possibly allow this foul corruption to stand, and the premium account will get zapped the moment some concerned citizen reports to them on it, but the girls expect that and are prepared for it. They change accounts more often than Hermione waves her wand, usually with the aid of dedicated websites established to help them skirt Snapchat’s enlightened morality.


Hooking Up With Snapchat Girls is About Bonding

The reason this is relevant to actually hooking up on Snapchat is that cam girls are very good to their paying customers, whether they’re good tippers on the cam site or monthly subscribers to a premium Snapchat account. If they’re both, of course, so much the better. If you’re helping them make a living, they’re going to do a lot more than just give you an eyeful (as much fun as that is!).

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They’re going to listen when you talk to them, and they’re going to talk right back at you. They’ll be happy to tell you all about themselves, and go on with you about common interests. And the best part of it all is that these girls aren’t strippers at the club, where defenses are tuned to roughly infinity and everything is an act. I guess there’s something about not getting invasively felt-up while discussing the latest episode of Walking Dead, but a cam girl on Snapchat is willing to relax and be real with you.

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This is our “in”, compadres. It’s a virtually limitless fountain of hot female attention, with each shot costing so little (especially if you stick to the newcomer cam girls) that you can always try again when one prospect doesn’t pan out.

Hooking up with girls on Snapchat

To get as many women in real life as you could on Snapchat, you’d be out hunting every night, you’d have to run headlong into – and through – the percentage who would simply brush you off without giving you a chance, and then even when you actually landed a date, you’d be paying many, many times as much money to entertain a girl you very well might never see again.

I want to be clear that while our methods for meeting and winning these ladies are entirely online, the sex we’re after is very real. I mean, these are cam girls; you’ll see them naked, watch them penetrate themselves, and very likely even share orgasmic bliss with them many times while comfortably seated at your computer.

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But when the time comes, our goal is to get one to agree to be flown in from wherever she lives and spend some quality time with you in person. Like I said, this is common now, so don’t go thinking it’s some kind of red line a girl won’t cross. They do it all the time.

Rather than doubting that, I advise you to plan for the future and target girls who live as geographically near to you as possible. Their location will become an issue sooner or later, and there’s nothing worse than having a gorgeous woman all jazzed up and ready to come see you, only for you to first have to contend with the many challenges (financial and otherwise) of getting a native Romanian into the country.

Cam girls will often fly out to meet and date “regulars” who they’ve become close to. Chatting up cam girls who live in your general part of the world is, therefore, important. MyFreeCams and Chaturbate tend to have the most western girls.

Of course, none of what I’m saying here should be suggesting to you that getting dates this way is effortless. You still have to know how to hook up on Snapchat in order to succeed. But that’s just a matter of applying game.

You talk to your girl frequently, ask her questions about herself, and show (don’t tell) that you’re a high-value male with subtle hints about your fitness level and enormous bank account. Confidence and determination will carry the day; women respect them above all else.

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Above all, remember to be fearless and take no prisoners: After all, if it falls through with one girl, a quick trip to the cam site and $10 in tokens are all it takes to try again!