Little Dick, Big Chick Magnet?


Can a Little Dick get you laid?
With exactly zero exceptions, all men worry about having a little dick. Even those who are significantly above the average size and know it, have lost more than one night’s sleep contemplating how unendurably miserable every aspect of their lives would be if they were a little less endowed in the manmeat department. If you’re a man, you either think you’ve got a little dick, or you secretly obsess over thoughts of the horror of having a little dick.

RED ALERT: As unlikely as many guys may think it to be, having a little penis can actually be a big plus in the sex department, when it comes to certain hotties. I’m going to explain exactly how being under-endowed can land you an amazing piece of ass.

Alright, so I’m being a touch hyperbolic here. Some guys genuinely don’t fret about their penile proportions. But it’s impossible to deny that penis size, and the stigma that comes with having a little penis, is a concern for many men that’s even more massive than they wish their pleasure rods to be. It’s their masculinity they’re worried about, of course; in their minds, not packing enough below the belt makes you less of a man.

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Inevitably, though, what this really breaks down to is concern with being able to please women sexually. That, and fear of the humiliation they will surely endure from those women (to say nothing of other men) if they literally can’t measure up in that pursuit.

There’s this simplistic belief among both sexes that a bigger penis just feels better for a woman, that somehow stretching her wider and penetrating her deeper must be more pleasurable for her. Those who can’t do these things because of their lacking lovepipes will never be able to compete sexually with those who can.


Big Penis, Little Penis

Now, I won’t lie to you guys. There really are women who feel this way. But it’s only some, by no means all, and their taste is subjective enough that liking big hoo-haws so much really has to be classified as a fetish.

The absence of a little penis isn’t a universal requirement for pleasing women; it’s a peculiar fixation for some of them, based on their (medically dubious) beliefs about human sexuality. And of course, as some women have this fetish, there are those who will have others. As in a direct, diametrically-opposed fetish.

Women have fetishes too, and many ladies definitely fetishize big penises. But is it possible that there are those who actually get off just as much over their male lover packing a tiny peepee?

Am I saying there are women out there specifically looking for a little penis? Why yes, my brothers, yes I am. Their reasons for this range from the fetishistic to the downright practical, but we’re talking about fetishes right now, so I’ll start there.

And the fetish of the day is SPH, or Small Penis Humiliation. A name like that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and yes, it really is what it sounds like.

Usually, especially in the pornosphere, it refers to men who enjoy having their unsatisfactory penile dimensions called out and ridiculed, but that implies that there are women doing the calling out and ridiculing, and there are. SPH in particular is a subset of the ultra-popular Female Domination (femdom) fetish, which simply covers women taking control of their men in sexual situations.

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There are plenty of ways to do SPH. The most “vanilla” forms involve a man’s girlfriend simply telling him flat out how pathetic and inadequate his dick is during sex, telling him she can barely feel it inside her and musing out loud about how satisfying a larger size would be.

Or you can go the BDSM route, with a dominant woman (dressed in leather or otherwise) bossing her male submissive around while continually using his miserable meat as justification for his place beneath her.

And for those who really want to go all-in on sexualizing a fellow’s little dick, there’s the wonderful world of cuckoldry. Another femdom sub-fetish, this is all about the idea of a wife or girlfriend having sex with other men, while her partner is aware of and at least tolerates it.

There are women who get off on “cuckholdry” so much, they actually seek out men with little dicks to have relationships with. Normally endowed men simply won’t do.

It’s a typical feature of the cuck fetish that the man is made to feel humiliated, inadequate, and miserably jealous over his knowledge of the woman’s actions, but don’t take him for a victim. Human psychology being the complex little bugger that it is, all of these unpleasant emotions are actually important parts of the man’s sublime pleasure and satisfaction. And again, he can’t enjoy having this done to him without a woman who enjoys doing it.

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So in brief, that about covers the fetishes, but I also promised you guys a practical reason that women are into small penis humiliation, and it’s that a lot of them just plain don’t like big dicks.


Why a Little Dick Can Often Beat a Big Dick

For some, it’s pretty obvious why: Past a certain point, Arnold Schwollenpecker’s monster member is straight-up gonna hurt going in, and they don’t want to deal with that. Others, though, have simply learned to look down on the capabilities of men possessed of prodigious proportions. It goes against a whole lot of male insecurity on the subject, but I can assure you I’ve personally talked to women who feel this way.

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Apparently, many guys who are well aware that they’re swingin’ baseball bats below their belts have been lulled into complacency. They think their size is all they need in bed, and consequently, they never bothered to learn to actually become decent lovers. They don’t know what they’re doing, and women are onto them. Of course, I’m sure this is an unfair stereotype of generously-endowed bros, but it’s one that works in favor of any guy saddled with a little dick.

Many women complain about well-endowed men just not doing it for them in the bedroom. It’s almost like these guys feel they don’t need to learn how to please a woman, since they’re packing a Pershing missile in their trousers.

Meanwhile, guys who perhaps are indeed a bit lacking have often felt themselves forced to become masters of secondary female satisfaction. They’ve learned to use their fingers to play a woman’s body like a virtuoso sitting at his piano, and their tongues have come to be great friends with the good ol’ bearded taco.

This is important, compadres, because as sexual science will tell us, many (some doctors say most) women are completely unable to orgasm from penile penetration alone – no matter how impressive the penis doing the penetrating. So as it turns out, our friend Arnold up there better be bringing something else to the table, or he (and not Little Larry) will be the one struggling with a frustrated lover.

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What all of this means is that men wishing they’d been blessed with a few more inches needn’t worry. Not only do they have options, they have an entire niche of female sexuality carved out just for them. Don’t sweat it, guys; there are women who want what you have, and nothing more!

Of course, I do recognize that some of the interests I spoke of certain girls having may not be to the taste of all guys. Fetishes are very personal. I’d simply counsel my bros not to write anything off without trying it first.

Girl who likes small dicks

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Take heart, bros. Good times await!