Men With Small Penis Issues


A man with a small penis has unique issues to face.
So by now, I’ve yammered on about dicks a lot more than any heterosexual dude with a blog ostensibly aimed at other heterosexual dudes probably should. Nevertheless, my increasingly apparent latent gay tendencies aside, I’ve had and (I hope) continue to have a good reason for doing so. That being, I’m genuinely trying to help men with small penis issues.

As painfully easy as it may be to crack jokes on this subject, it really is a serious problem for a lot of guys. For better or worse (mostly for worse), many men derive the lion’s share of their self-esteem from the size of their hoodwinkle. And when they can’t measure up, or even when they merely think they can’t, the results can be emotionally devastating.

RED ALERT: Men with small penises have serious and unique issues that need to be addressed. I’m going to reveal some interesting solutions to these problems that you’ve never considered.

Before I go any further, my usual disclaimer on this matter applies: Most of the men who think they have small dicks, are in fact not men with small dicks. These things can be calculated scientifically, and they have been. The average erect penis length is right around 5 inches, and most men with small penis worries are within narrow fractions of an inch (up or down) of that value.

So that puts the issue to bed, and we can all go home. Except of course that it doesn’t, and we can’t. As a demographic group, male humans are massively obsessed with the idea that their penis is substantially less than massive for some reason, and I think I know what that reason is.


The Small Penis Issues of Men – Causes

To be sure, guys have dubiously pinned their masculinity to the beefiness of their man-pin for thousands of years, but a big factor in how widespread the phenomenon is today comes to us courtesy of pornography. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good whack video, but they come with a price even in an age of free access to RedTube.

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Lots of our brothers start watching this stuff online as teens, when their insecurity is already through the roof and their self-esteem isn’t exactly ideal. So what can we expect when they start seeing men in those movies who look like they’ve had their natural schlongs surgically replaced with that Scottish claymore Mel Gibson was swinging around in Braveheart?

Given that it often fails to register that those guys were hired specifically because they are freakishly, abnormally huge, nothing good. It’s easy to feel inadequate when you’ve just seen Lexington Steele perform, and you don’t realize that he’s more of a circus exhibit than an average male specimen.

Men who perform in porn videos generally have penis sizes that place them in the top 1% of all males. Watching too much porn can therefore lead to Small Penis Syndrome in under-endowed males.

None of which is to suggest that there aren’t really men with small dicks, of course, and some of them can get very small indeed. The Guiness World Record holder for smallest penis in the world belongs to a man whose erection can be measured in quarters of an inch. Meanwhile, any penis under 2.8 inches erect medically qualifies as a “micropenis”.

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Don’t worry, bros, this condition is exceptionally rare, which is good because it can make it physically impossible to have sexual intercourse. Even when they’re able to get it in, though, the number one concern men with small dicks typically have is that they just can’t cut it when it comes to satisfying a woman in bed.

I’ll be honest with you guys and tell you that this concern isn’t entirely unfounded. In my experience, some women have a psychological preoccupation with dick size almost as strong as men have. But that psychological preoccupation, for those girls saddled with it, is just that: Psychological.

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In fact, it’s for all intents and purposes a fetish. Some women may have a fetish for black guys instead (or as well), and no dude without the right skin tone will be able to tick that box for them. Luckily, I’ve found that it’s really just a few girls who insist on mammoth members (or black guys, since I’m down for the count in both categories).


Fetish For Men With Small Penis Sizes

And there’s reason for men with small dicks to take heart: Just as some girls like the big guns, many go the opposite direction and prefer teeny willies. This seems a bit counter-intuitive at first, but trust me, it’s very true. And if anything, I’ve found that those who go for smaller specimens outnumber the tree-trunk chasers.

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When it comes to a preference for men with small penis proportions, we’re mostly talking about girls with a particular fetish. Or really, any of a number of different fetishes, all covered under one umbrella term: Small Penis Humiliation, or SPH, which I’ve talked about before.

But I’ll go over it again, because understanding this feminine kink can open the door for under-endowed guys to have the kind of regular sex lives that so many of them thought out of their reach.

As you’ll recall I’ve said in previous posts, SPH is simply a fetish in which dominant women call attention to the penile shortcomings of a man, and shame and ridicule him for them. I mentioned that SPH covers a number of different fetishes, which I’ll get to in a moment, though the label itself is a sub-kink of femdom (female domination).

Small Penis Humiliation, while not every man’s cup of tea, can be a great way to turn having a small penis into a plus. Many femdom women genuinely enjoy it, and are sexually aroused by their interactions with meagerly endowed men.

SPH is sittin’ pretty under that category; describing the practice of women taking charge of submissive men, femdom is consistently the most popular of all male sexual proclivities, according to porn site searches.

Women who are into SPH are those who enjoy participating in one or several of its various sub-fetishes. These can be simple and straightforward like the BDSM flavor, involving a woman verbally humiliating and perhaps beating her subby dude for being so small.

Small penis humiliation and femdom - small penis fetishes

And they can go all the way to extreme, full-time cuckoldry, in which the female partner in a couple taunts her boyfriend with the fact that she goes out and has sex with other men, being that he can’t possibly satisfy her with the Very Little Engine that Couldn’t.

All of this may or may not sound like your cup of tea, but before you judge, I advise you to at least get your feet wet with some relevant porn on the subject. That will give you a better idea of whether these fetishes are for you.

There are many fetish communities where men with small penises can feel welcome. They provide an opportunity to open up a whole new level of sexuality where having a small dick is not an impediment to satisfaction.

Then, when you’re ready to look a little deeper, I recommend cam sites. I can tell you that MyFreeCams, or MFC, has a positively thriving SPH community. And yes, that community consists not only of male members, but of quite a few of the cam girls themselves.

What I really appreciate about these women is that they at least seem to really enjoy the fetishes they cater to, and having gotten to know a few of them personally, I know that those I’ve befriended certainly do. Exploring fetishes is always more fun with someone who’s having a good time right along with you.

Regardless of how they choose to handle it, men with small penis worries don’t actually have to worry so much. Not only does having a diminutive dinkle not have to prevent you from having a sex life, the potential is huge for turning it into the biggest sexual adventure of your life. Just be open-minded, amigos, and never write anything off until you’ve tried it.

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as finding a new fetish you’re into. If the thought of it makes your balls tingle, get in there and give it a try.