Are There Any Penis Pills That Work?


Are there penis pills that work?
Is it just me, or do we have a freaking pill for everything? Have a headache? Pop a pill. Heartburn slowing you down? That’s a pill, son. Can’t seem to nod off? Take this and, hell, don’t call me in the morning, because those things are so effective you’ll probably still be asleep at that time.

RED ALERT: I’m about to reveal the truth about what penis pills can, and cannot, do for your manhood. Can they grow your dick? Can they strengthen your erections? Stay tuned.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against a good pill, and in fact I’m delighted that modern medicine has come so far. Many of the people reading this, in addition to the guy writing it, probably wouldn’t be alive right now if it hadn’t. It can just be easy to feel overwhelmed by the massive pill proliferation, affecting so many arenas of life.

And of course, with such diversity in the effects of these micro-miracles, it’s hardly any wonder that we’ve got some of them going for our man meat. But what exactly are penis pills? Are they safe? And even more importantly to some, are there any penis pills that work?

There’s only a handful of things you’d want a pill to do to your pecker to begin with, but generally speaking, when something is targeting your little buddy, it’s probably trying to accomplish one of two tasks (or possibly both): either it wants to increase your size, or it’s all about improving erection quality. I’ll tell you right now, my brothers, that when a pill claims to have the former effect, you should be extremely skeptical.


What Dick Pills Can Actually Do

Your penis grows naturally during childhood and puberty, then by the end of adolescence, it pretty much is what it is. There may or may not be exercises that can make it bigger, and there are definitely surgeries that can, but I’m not aware of anything in this world, or in any of Gary Gygax’s, that you can swallow to do that. I’m not a doctor, and I am always happy to be proven wrong about anything, but if this stuff exists, it has been doing a sublime job of hiding itself from me.

Penis pills work by increasing blood flow to the genitals, which allows for a bigger, stronger, and more stable erection. They don’t increase the maximum size of the erect penis, however.

The latter goal, on the other hand, is relatively easily achieved. There are plenty of reliable ways to shore up your erections. That’s a very good thing, too, because this is an important psychological issue for males. It’s actually a bit unnerving to contemplate just how much of a man’s ego, self-esteem, and confidence is tied up in “his” ability to do something that either his body can do, or it can’t: achieve and maintain a good erection.

The consequences of failure at this involuntary physiological task are harsh: emotional devastation and debilitating feelings of inadequacy are common. Most men will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction after the age of 40, but guys will often start seeking improvements in their erection health as early as their 20s, when they begin to notice that the legendary sexual vigor of their teen years has been slowly abandoning them.

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Of course, anyone who’s been paying attention for the last two decades or so knows that drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) are viable solutions for those who would like a bit of help rising to the occasion. They’re persistently popular, they’re expensive, and they’re backed by hard science, which pretty much checks all the boxes to indicate that they do what they say they’ll do. But pharmaceuticals always come with risk. Aren’t there any more natural penis pills that work?


Natural Penis Pills That Work

There is certainly no shortage of non-drug alternatives to Viagra and its kin. The list of natural cocktails that claim to boost your erections without bothering a doctor is virtually endless. Most of them use essentially the same blend of nutritional supplements, which is encouraging (if each company peddling these things were making up their own miracle concoctions, as if out of thin air, we should probably get a little worried). There are millions of men around the world who swear by these products, so can we assume they’re doing something right? Well…probably. Let me explain.

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In terms of their mechanisms of action, pills that aim to improve erection quality almost universally use a “two-pronged attack” strategy. First, they acutely heighten blood flow to the penis in some way, which, given that blood accumulation is the reason that erections happen, promotes rapid stiffness shortly after taking the pill.

An example of a natural ingredient that does this would be Yohimbe, which is a tree native to West Africa. When swallowed in a pill or imbibed via tea, this tree’s bark has the physiological effect of relaxing blood vessels, which temporarily increases blood circulation and consequently allows more blood to go everywhere, including where you need it most.

Secondly, the pills seek to stimulate your body’s production of testosterone over time by supplying the raw materials used to make it. More testosterone has all sorts of neat benefits for a man, including a strengthened libido, meaning your brain ends up signaling your dick more insistently to get hard. This part of the strategy takes longer to work, and relies on you taking the pill regularly (usually at least once a day). L-arginine is an example of an ingredient that participates in the testosterone push, since that substance is used by your body to make the all-important male hormone.

Alas, I lack the medical expertise to comment scientifically on how realistic it is to expect these pills to produce measurably stronger erections. But I can share with you my personal experience with Extenze, which is an extremely popular “male enhancement” supplement cocktail of the class we’ve been discussing.

This stuff is ridiculously common (which is probably a good sign in itself); you can pick up a 5-pack of the pills at just about any gas station convenience store. If you try it and decide that you like it, you can easily order a larger supply online. You’ll probably want to, because if there are any dick pills that work, I’d have to say this one is among them.

I took Extenze for the first time one evening when I was planning to see a lady friend (with benefits, of course). She had just agreed over the phone to come over to my place for a booty call, but needed time to shower and get ready, so it was the perfect opportunity to pop one of these bad boys and give it a good while to do its work. I had a mostly empty stomach at the time, having last eaten several hours prior.

Extenze contains many of the most effective natural male enhancement ingredients, like Yohimbe. Unlike some potentially unsafe brands, however, it DOES NOT contain prescription ingredients like Sildenafil.

About thirty minutes after swallowing the pill, I began to feel flush, which was not unpleasant but noticeable. I also developed a slight but tolerable headache; this was probably the Yohimbe, which sometimes has that side effect. After forty-five minutes or so, I noticed what I can only call a “sensitivity” in my penis: it was not erect, and would not become so for no reason, but it felt very ready to stand and salute. A few seconds of sexual thoughts or seeing the right picture would surely do the trick, and I am not normally so easily aroused.

Maybe an hour to an hour and a half had passed by the time my friend arrived. I was surprised when merely seeing her at the door was enough to get me erect; again, it usually takes more to get me going. When we started going at it, I got hard and stayed that way, even during a rather awkward pause when she received a phone call from her mom.

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During the sex, I felt hornier and therefore more aggressive than is typical for me, though I don’t credit the Extenze with directly causing that; rather, I believe my firmer, easily maintained erection was simply making me want sex more. Something I noticed was that I remained fully hard during intercourse. I’ve checked, and it is medically normal for a man to lose some firmness while thrusting, so long as he remains sufficiently erect to continue. For me, it was a steel rod throughout. Definitely a more enjoyable experience!

So, like I said, I ultimately can’t comment on any of the others. But if you’re looking for penis pills that work, I’d advise giving Extenze a try. As previously discussed, and despite the product’s name, it can do nothing to increase your size (other than make your penis look bigger with a fuller erection), but the performance boost it gave me was something to treasure.

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