Is Penis Size Important To Women?


Is penis size important to women? Get the facts.
Does penis size matter? To say that for men, at least, the answer is Yes, is an understatement of literally historic proportions. As far back as classical Greece, we have the story of Priapus, a god of fertility who was thematically defined by his shaft. In textual sources and artwork from the time, he is consistently depicted as sporting an enormous, bulbous phallus, so long and thick that it would stick right out from under his loincloth.

RED ALERT: I’m going to give you the facts about the importance of penis size in sexual relations with women, and I’m not holding anything back. Prepare for some truth about dick size and THOTs.

Priapus even gives us the modern medical term “priapism”, describing an erection that persists for a dangerously long period of time, since he himself had a perpetual hard-on. And while guys weren’t particularly concerned with pleasing women back then, our well-endowed hero has been recorded as saying that his impressive package was of sexual benefit at least to him, since being so huge meant that even the roomiest, hotdog-down-the-hallway style of vagina was still a snug fit for him.


What Do Women Think About Dick Size?

But is penis size important to women? That’s the question that men nowadays are overwhelmingly concerned with, and it has a more nuanced answer. The good news is, studies have shown that women who are currently involved in long-term heterosexual relationships respond significantly north of 50% that they are satisfied with their partner’s dick size.

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Now, there are some obvious caveats here. It could easily be that women who are in fact not happy with their boyfriend’s joystick don’t hang around for a period of time sufficient to make the relationship qualify as “long-term”.

And of course, it isn’t at all certain how many women, when asked a question so fraught as whether their man is big enough for them, will answer truthfully if he isn’t. But in the end, the numbers are clear: if you’ve got a steady girlfriend, and she’s the honest type when taking decidedly intimate polls, she’s probably fine with you just as you are.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that THOTs who want to hook up for the evening aren’t like women who are in a committed relationship. Totally different mindset. Now we’re talking about girls who are looking to have sex for fun rather than to bond with a romantic partner, so they’re going to be more fixated on physical sensations and visual stimuli than women, as a rule, tend to be.

Girls who could fall under the label of “THOTs” are typically more inclined to favor larger penises, than women at large. The general rule is, the hotter the girl, the less she’s willing to compromise on dick size.

Does penis size matter for physical sensation? On that one, the jury’s out, with an encouraging lean towards No (women only have nerve endings down to a certain depth in their vaginas, for one thing). But does penis size matter for purposes of visual stimulation? I’m afraid so; in fact, it’s an important psychological factor for THOTs.

So important, actually, that they have a truly annoying habit of gossiping with each other about the size of their hook-ups. I don’t mean to make you self-conscious, bro, but if you’ve spent the night with a woman on a casual basis, she has probably shared your proportions with at least her closest girlfriends. What really grinds my gears is that most women aren’t even reasonable about this; their preferences run well beyond average penis size. You almost have to be hung like a porn star to measure up.

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And porn is a big (if you’ll pardon the pun) part of the problem. It isn’t just men watching it and being made to feel inferior when they compare themselves to guys hired for their freakish members. Turns out women have been paying attention to skin flicks, too, and are now expecting your dick to cash checks it shouldn’t even be writing.

Actual average penis size is 3.61 inches long when flaccid, and 5.16 inches erect. Some guys go beyond that, obviously, but it’s extremely rare for a man to get north of a full 7 erect inches (only about 1% of men are larger). You can bet that a lot of those who do are making porn, though, and setting the bar absurdly high for the rest of us; thanks, guys.


What Can Be Done To Increase Penis Size?

What all of this means is that if you’re going to be on the prowl, it’s important to consider the appearance of your little buddy and to maximize its size. This is not a hopeless endeavor; in fact, there are a number of options available to you. My personal favorite (because I’ve tried it, and know that it works) is to take Extenze pills.

If you didn’t know (the stuff is pretty popular), Extenze is a non-pharmaceutical blend of nutritional supplements, formulated with two primary goals in mind: first, to increase blood flow to the penis, and second, to boost overall testosterone levels. The former of these aims is relatively simple, and is achieved as an acute effect of some of the ingredients, such as zinc and yohimbe.

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The latter, on the other hand, takes some time, and requires consistent use of Extenze. It uses stuff like L-arginine and pregnanolone (which are constituents of testosterone and necessary to your body’s production of it) to accomplish this task.

I don’t take Extenze regularly, so I don’t know what it can do over time. I have, however, used it on-the-spot under “battlefield conditions”, shortly before a booty call with a good friend of mine. The effect was potent and unmistakable: achieving erection was quicker and easier, the boner was even harder than it normally is, and it never so much as wavered until well after climax. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know exactly how this stuff works (beyond the general mechanism described above), but it does work.

Extenze is a penis pill that works by enlarging your erection, not your dick. This can produce an enormous improvement in confidence, and can make your penis appear bigger, since the erection will be stronger and last longer.

Admittedly, and despite its name, Extenze doesn’t even claim to be able to increase penis size. What it does do is give you firmer, fuller erections, which makes your dick more imposing and impressive, and will even cause it to look bigger (since it’s swollen with more blood than usual).

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And as we’ve covered, this whole concern is a psychological one, having to do with a woman’s perception of your penis, since it’s dubious that size is important to physical enjoyment. So, just appearing larger is all you really need (believe me, this is mostly a mind game).

If you’re absolutely fixated on a fatter phallus, though, you might look into jelqing. Jelqing is an exercise technique with a huge online following, which involves carefully stroking and pulling the penis in a consistent, controlled manner. The goal is to stimulate your body to add more mass to the organ through cell division, resulting in more tissue and therefore a greater actual volume.

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I haven’t tried jelqing, myself, and I don’t have any data on the average penis size of its practitioners, so I can’t say much on whether the technique works. All I can tell you is that an awful lot of people absolutely swear it does (judging by tons of independent testimonials on numerous forums across the net).

Jelqing is, by no means, a scientifically supported penis enlargement method. The data are just not there yet. However, a quick review of male enhancement forums shows that it’s a method with a LOT of support.

So in summary, is penis size important to women? If that woman is your girlfriend, probably not. But is penis size important to women in no-strings hookups? Alas, my brothers, it is. It shouldn’t be, and we are all the victims of unfair circumstances beyond our control (false impressions created by porn) exacerbating the problem, but it is.

Let’s not sit around crying about it; that doesn’t do any good. Let’s just count ourselves lucky that we are not without options for addressing this issue. I know from experience that Extenze works, and I’ve got to figure that the huge jelqing community that has actually used that exercise and loves it knows something I don’t. We’ve got weapons. Let’s use them.