Plus Size Dating


Plus Size Dating - The Facts About BBW Girlfriends
Most men, when you ask them what they want their girlfriend to look like, are going to give you some version of the same response. There will be some variation to account for breast men, butt men, men who like blondes versus those who are all about brunettes, all of that. You may even find some who will talk about wanting girls with “a little meat on their bones”, or similar coded language.

RED ALERT: There are plenty of guys out there who are attracted to women who “carry a bit of weight,” so I’m going to explain the dynamics of plus-size dating and lay out exactly how to find that plump cutie you’re looking for.

But even most of those guys, in my experience, simply prefer a slightly different take on the classic Barbie doll look: Slim figure, trim waist, and ample chest. It’s the rare fellow indeed who will talk about dating plus size women as something they would consider, never mind actively seek out.

But I ask you, bro, why is that? I know plenty of guys who have experienced and enjoyed plus size dating; I’m one of them, in fact. We even have the term BBW – Big Beautiful Women – coined by men who are attracted to girls whom most people would consider “fat”. BBW dating is a thing, guys. I’ve been there, and it provides yet another perspective on the wondrous work of art that is the human female.

I can give you plenty of reasons why having a plump girlfriend can be twice the fun, and certainly nothing to be feared or turned off by. Mind you, none of this is meant to disparage thinner women; I’m just sticking up for a group that usually gets unfairly marginalized when it’s time to pick up a girl.


The Plus Side of Dating Plump Women

For the most part, the plus sides of plus size dating boil down to a matter of prior life experiences. I’ve known these girls, bro, and the greater number of them have had a rough go. Most women who are big as adults were at least a few pounds over normal weight as kids too.

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And that means they were teased and bullied in school, whispered about behind their backs, and denied the opportunity to date (and be influenced by) the football jocks who were too busy banging the cheerleaders.

But you know what I’ve noticed? Even more than what’s happened to them, it’s what simply didn’t happen that has had the most impact. We all know we don’t live in a fair society, whatever that would even look like. The doors that open wide for classically pretty (skinny) girls tend to slam shut in the face of a BBW. People don’t treat big girls the same; those who are plump don’t have the privileges that the thin do, or at least, they’re made to work for what others have handed to them.

All of this results in a markedly different outlook and attitude in BBWs – but amazingly, they tend not to be bitter. Instead, they’re quiet and humble, more apt to listen before speaking as opposed to talking over other people. They’re friendly, not haughty. And they’re very accommodating partners: The ones I’ve been with have taken more easily to the mindset of often letting me have my way on the understanding that I’ll reciprocate later (which I do, of course).

Dating plump women - Tips

By contrast, many “hot” girls act like spoiled princesses. Let too many of their demands go unfulfilled, and the subtle threats about finding another boyfriend start coming out.

And I’ve just gotta talk about one of the funnest perks of dating plus size women: I swear I don’t know what causes this, guys, and maybe I’ve just been lotto-winning lucky, but these girls are almost universally freaks in bed. They’ve got some kinks themselves that most girls won’t touch, but even more than that, they’re open-minded and are happy to try anything you’re into at least once.

Their “accommodating” nature comes into play here, as well, as even if a particular activity isn’t their cup of tea, they’ll usually do it for you just because you like it. If you’ve ever been called a pervert for your tastes, take it from Woody and sign yourself up for some nice, non-judgmental BBW dating. You’ll thank me when you’re watching your fantasies come to life.

Plus size women are generally more accommodating and have fewer “rules” surrounding dating and sexuality. They can also be incredibly kinky and interested in exploring fringe fetishes.

There are a number of ways to go about finding a bigger girlfriend, but all are not created equal. They’re also unconventional; BBWs don’t tend to frequent clubs (not that clubs are a particularly good place to pick up women to begin with). The Internet does try to help you here, as there are dedicated websites set up to facilitate plus size dating.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend them, for largely the same reasons I’m not a fan of traditional dating sites: They don’t work. The memberships of these places tend to suffer from male-to-female ratios of 10 to 1 or worse, virtually guaranteeing that most men who use the platform will be disappointed.

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Worse, the sites are well aware of how few women they have subscribing, and most (pretty much all, from my personal experience) try to “correct” this by directing their staff to create and maintain fake female profiles.

In some cases, these sociopathic buttmunches will actually sit there replying to the messages you send to the “women” they make up, knowing that the interaction can never really go anywhere. All they want is to string you along and keep you paying the monthly subscriptions, which can be absurdly high for some sites.


Cam Sites For BBW Dating?

The places to go online for plus size dating are cam sites. This is the dating hack of the 21st century, bro. Plump women know that there’s a large and growing number of men who are into BBWs, so they’re aware that they can still do just as well as their slimmer counterparts in the webcam modeling business. That means there are actually plenty of big girls on cam sites, and most of them make themselves easy to find by using “#bbw” and related tags on their public chat rooms. Seeking them out is a breeze.

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I like to use MFC (MyFreeCams) for this, because I’ve noticed a BBW presence there of generally superior quality, so it’s a good place for dating plus size women. Using cam sites to pick up girls is not hard: Just find someone you like, and tip her modestly but consistently for a few days. By the end of the first week (second, tops), she will consider you a “regular”, which basically means her professional shields come down around you.

She’ll be happy to see you when you show up, she’ll acknowledge you when you post in her public chat, and she’ll answer any private messages you send her. This opens the door, allowing you to bond with her. And it’s this bonding that will facilitate the closeness that could turn into a bonafide relationship, with real intimacy, and real physical interaction.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, bonding with cam girls can definitely lead to physical relationships. Anyone who doubts this obviously has never consistently applied this tactic. It works.

Ask her about her interests, tell her about yourself, and apply some game. This is BBW dating made simple, my friends; even if things don’t work out with the first girl, you get infinite retries (that’s the beauty of this method). Just throw stuff at the wall until something sticks.

Don’t go into it with any preconceptions about the limits of relationships forged over a cam site, either. It’s common for these girls to meet in real life with regulars they’ve grown close to online. And tipping a webcam model really isn’t expensive, so you can easily pursue a few at a time and have several irons in the fire. Keep at it, and I dare say it’s likely you’ll have at least one plus-size girlfriend within a few months. Go get ‘em, bro!