Selling Used Underwear


Selling used underwear online.
I really love cam girls, and I’m not just saying that because of the obvious benefits they confer upon me and guys like me through their work. Don’t get me wrong: As a red-blooded heterosexual male, I do adore having the option to see nude or barely-clothed young women pretty much at my leisure, in a live environment in which I’m free to interact with and maybe even personally befriend them.

RED ALERT: Whether you’re a dude interested in how this trade in panties works, or you’re a girl who wants to cash in on the used underwear craze, this post is a must-read. I’m going to reveal all the dirty details, no pun intended.

But I also appreciate that this business works for the ladies, too. There’s decent money to be made for really any girl who knows her way around the camera, and the word “decent” ceases rather quickly to be a strong enough descriptor as you climb up the ladder. Of course, those women who have truly mastered the art of turning their computer into an ATM are doing more than just sitting in front of their webcam.

A-list webcam models have an array of marketing and auxiliary revenue generation strategies as varied as Batman’s utility belt. And one particularly lucrative camming side hustle, the subject of my generally incoherent ramblings of the day, is to sell used panties.


How To Make Money Selling Used Panties

Yes, as it turns out, women can make money selling used underwear online, and the trade is more or less ideal for webcam models. If you’re a woman who’s in or interested in taking up this line of work, but haven’t heard of the panty fetish or the market around it, you’re likely intrigued.

And while I admit I don’t spend all that much time hawking my underwear (I fear my opportunities here are substantially more limited than yours, ladies), I do have considerable experience with cam girls who do, so I’d like to tell you about the industry and help you get started in it yourself.

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The basic idea here is that guys will pay for your used panties, because having the undergarments is a sexual turn-on for them. What exactly they plan to do with them varies from man to man, though in almost all cases, they will be interested in sniffing your scent off of the panties and using them as a masturbatory aide. This is why you’ll typically need to wear the goods for a minimum of 24 hours straight before they become salable.

Sometimes your buyers may want a little more than just odor, as well; my cam girl friends have (uncomfortably, in most cases) regaled me with stories of customers who asked for hosiery stained with urine, period blood, and other bodily secretions.

My personal favorite was the tale of the guy who asked a webcam model I know to full-on defecate in her panties and send them with the customer’s name written on the back in shitstain. So, yeah, be prepared for what you might find out there.

While there are some consumers of used underwear out there who make rather extreme requests, most are just after the normal feminine musk that saturates an undergarment after a day or two of wear.

The good news is that women who sell used panties can do pretty well at it. To be sure, you’ll need to be one of the successful ones, as it seems to be a recurring theme among different kinds of sex work that most women involved in it don’t know what they’re doing and end up flopping spectacularly as a result. Fortunately, you’re already miles ahead of the game if you choose to work on a cam site, where it’s much easier to make money selling used underwear.

It goes along perfectly with your primary camming business, and brings in extra money almost without demanding any additional effort at all (you’re going to wear panties anyway, right?). And of course, there are wild success stories to be heard: I personally know of one woman, also catering to the “financial domination” fetish, who claims to sell her panties for nearly $100 each and has made over $60,000 at it.

Used panty selling can be extremely lucrative for “femdom” cam girls. Submissive males will typically pay quite a premium for the honor of sniffing their queen’s dirty undies.

When you sell used panties, the aim is not necessarily to make mad money through the trade by itself. This really is just an easy way to supplement your income as a webcam model, where it’s an awesome side hustle. Panty sales are one of the many “extras” used by elite cam models to launch their revenues into the stratosphere. We’re talking about those girls who clear fifty grand in a month, here.


Avoid Used Underwear Marketplace Sites

I should caution you, however, not to follow the crowd in this particular business. Online panty-selling has gotten so huge that there now exist a number of well-trafficked “marketplace” sites for it where women can go to offer sales and men can go to make purchases. At first glance, these may seem a logical place to wet your feet in the industry, but in reality they’re pretty terrible.

The single biggest reason for this is an issue of trust, or the lack thereof: Buyers worry that they aren’t getting what they pay for. Men come to these sites wanting not just panties, but panties worn by an actual attractive girl for at least 24 hours.

Selling used panties.

You see the problem here. It is ridiculously easy for women to defraud their customers by sending out fresh panties spritzed with some kind of musk scent of an appropriate color – and I happen to know that many girls have their own proprietary formulae for just this purpose.

And when you think about it, the sellers are under enormous pressure to cheat like this: It’s the difference between “producing” a single unit in a 24-hour period, and turning out a virtually unlimited number in the same time. I’m told there are a few quasi-legitimate ways to mitigate this bottleneck, such as by wearing multiple layers of ultra-thin panties concurrently, but most buyers wouldn’t be pleased with that tactic either, and in any case, no such hack can ever match the sheer efficiency of good old-fashioned shady doin’s.

Marketplace used underwear sites are rife with problems, chief of which is that trust levels between buyers are sellers are virtually nonexistent.

Both sides of the transaction know this, and trust between parties dies as a result. The value of the product suffers as uncertainty has to be priced in, and many customers who would buy if only they felt more confident choose to close their wallets altogether instead.

And this is why cam sites are so much better panty marketplaces than the panty marketplaces. Camming isn’t just a visual experience; guys can get that on any porn tube. They go to cam sites because that experience is all about getting to know the models, befriending them, and – here’s the key – coming to trust them.

One of the essential skills of a cam girl is to foster bonds with their regulars, and when you do this, many of them will be willing to pay for your panties with an implicit assurance that you’re being honest about the transaction.

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You can make yourself stand out to the panty crowd by using the appropriate tags on your public channel: #pantiesforsale, #dirtypanties, and #usedpanties all work well. That’s pretty much all you need to attract the desired crowd. Amusingly enough, you don’t even have to worry about getting naked on camera. A lot of girls refrain from nudity or explicit behavior, and some of them are among the top earners on cam sites. With panty sales in particular, it really is about a bond, not seeing some skin.

Chaturbate is a very well-trafficked cam site that’s pretty easy to use; I recommend it if you’re looking for a good place to start camming or just to add panty sales to your income stream. If you’re interested in trying your hand at selling underwear there, signup via the link below and give it a shot. You might be surprised at how quickly you can unload those naughty knickers for some fast cash.

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