Sex Doll Girlfriend Better Than The Real Thing?


Sex Doll Girlfriend 411
Looking back on human history, we’ve always had sex dolls. I mean, how could we not? Nothing on Earth is going to stop a teenage boy from getting it on with his pillow, and before pillows were invented, you just know those horny little caveteens were carving holes in whatever fruit had the softest, warmest pulp inside.

From there, it’s a small step to building vaguely human-shaped figures out of pillows or fruit, or whatever, and going to town on those. We’ve just been getting better and better at making these increasingly lifelike ever since, with the advent of currency certainly helping things along, because there is some serious money to be made in sex dolls. So much, in fact, that by today we are real good at making fake women.

RED ALERT: Here, I’m going to layout the facts behind the whole sex robot (or “sexbot”) craze. If you’re thinking about dipping your wick in a synthetic chick, pay attention.

Nowadays, the leader in sex doll girlfriend technology is probably Abyss Creations, producers of the RealDoll. As artificial sex partners go, these RealDolls are pretty impressive – a quantum leap beyond the “blow-up dolls” famously mocked on college campuses. They don’t just look human; they’re designed to approximate the experience of intimately interacting with a woman as closely as possible.

The most realistic sex doll on the market currently is manufactured by RealDoll, which has been a pioneer in the fake girlfriend industry.

Their faces are carefully measured to sport realistic symmetry (unless you prefer anime-like proportions, which are also available), they weigh about as much as an actual girl would, and their silicone skin and quality synthetic wigs are very convincing. If you opt for a premium add-on, your doll can have pubic hair, which will literally be “real”: made from genuine human hair.

Naturally, the dolls also have joints, making them fully poseable. Their skeletons are made of stainless steel, which not only makes them resilient, but helps get their dry bodies up to the desired weight (remember, we’re mostly made of water, which all told is pretty heavy stuff).

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I suppose it’s to be expected that a sex doll would have a certain preoccupation with genitalia, but RealDolls offer a degree of vagina customization that I find surprising. I would have thought one was basically like another, but apparently they can come in styles that include “tight” (which I guess I knew) and “neat” (the meaning of which I can’t easily imagine). You’re also free to decide the size of the doll’s clitoris. Other minor features, such as nipple size and color, are at your discretion too.

When it’s time for some carnal action with your sex doll girlfriend, you lube up and slide in. I’ve never gotten this far with a RealDoll, personally, but those who have say the feeling is quite realistic. This isn’t just a matter of actual physical sensation, but overall experience, as the doll’s skin is soft and her breasts will bounce energetically and convincingly from the thrusting. When you’re finished, there’s a provided cleaning kit that can be used to sanitize her vaginal and anal cavities. If you prefer oral, the entire face is removable (and replaceable, if you wish), making cleanup easier.

These sex doll girls are designed to be easy to cleanup (thankfully), so no need to worry too much about how you’ll lug her into the shower after the funky time is over.

What I find incredible about these RealDolls, and frankly a little creepy, are the lengths to which some guys will go in engaging with them. To this group, the doll isn’t merely a toy: she really is a sex doll girlfriend. These men report cuddling with their dolls, watching TV with them, and even hugging them when they’re feeling stressed or lonely.

They’ve set up entire online forums where they “proudly” share pictures of their synthetic partners, showing them wearing various costumes, or in such situations as sitting in front of a loaded dinner plate for “date night”. The dolls receive names, along with imagined personalities. Some owners even admit to having long, one-sided conversations with their dolls.

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These people swear that they are well aware the dolls aren’t real women, and despite appearances, I believe them. They’re just responding to visual and tactile cues that have been carefully built in to the products. While it does make me uneasy, in the end I think it’s a tribute to how realistic modern sex dolls actually are. Teenagers may hump a pillow, but I’ve never heard of them falling in love with one.


Rise of The Sexbot Girlfriend

The relentless advance of technology also isn’t doing much to help a guy let go of his sex doll girlfriend. A new AI program called Harmony is now available for these fake females, allowing them to hold conversations with their owners. The base version is an app for your smartphone, but if you really want to go all-in on this thing, there’s an animatronic head available for RealDolls that interfaces with the program. This makes the doll able to use relatively complex facial expressions as well as communicate via digitized speech.

Sexbots - The most realistic sex doll option.

But then, I shouldn’t call them “dolls” anymore. Because by this point, we’re no longer talking about lifeless hunks of steel and silicone. When the thing moves around and talks to you, it’s a sex robot, and we’re looking at a future of sex robot intercourse. I won’t use the word “android”, because I’m an old Star Trek (TNG) fan, and I reserve that descriptor for truly self-aware machines like Data was. A simple AI algorithm and crudely expressive face don’t seem to cross that threshold. But if we’re honest, my brothers, how far off can we be?

I recognize that I could very well be coming off as a colossal dick right now. The therapeutic benefits of highly realistic sex dolls and robots were obvious even before we knew that people were sharing meals and evenings on the couch with them. And there’s evidence that an online community of men called “incels” (short for ‘involuntarily celibate’) is so miserably lonely that its members struggle with an elevated suicide rate.

Sex dolls and sexbots standing in for real girlfriends may help incels and other guys who have difficulties with women.

Guys like this can derive immense psychological benefit from the kinds of products we’ve been talking about, which have the power to push all the right evolutionary buttons and make them feel like they’ve got a companion for once. And then here comes Woody, the walking gray sky, calling these poor dudes creepy, saying they make him uneasy, and musing about sexbot intercourse like its the worst thing since premature ejaculation. Screw that guy!

Believe me, I have no wish or intention to sound arrogantly dismissive of this technology. And let me be crystal clear: if anyone is in such dire emotional straits that they are either going to buy a RealDoll right freaking now or start wandering around inside tall buildings trying to gain roof access, you better believe it’s time to break out the Amex. I just think there’s a better way, is all.

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Most of the guys who fall back on these artificial solutions are simply afraid to really talk to women, and they lack the skills to apply game. Both of these problems are eminently conquerable. Instead of relying on a mannequin to satisfy your needs, however realistic that mannequin may be, get out there and score some real women.

No, it’s not easy (though it also isn’t half as difficult as you probably imagine it to be), but there are effective, reproducible techniques that can be deployed to make it happen (and I discuss several on this site). It just takes courage, skill, and the stubbornness to never admit defeat. Go do this thing, and you’ll be shaking your head with amazement that you once considered dropping thousands of dollars on a masturbatory aid.

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