Small Penis Syndrome Facts


Small Penis Syndrome Explained
When I was eighteen years old, I nervously, fearfully went to see my family doctor. I didn’t want to have this conversation, dear Q did I ever not want to, but my condition was severely affecting me, and I was worried that something might be really wrong with me. And it’s a good thing I gathered up the nerve, because I was in fact very sick and in need of professional attention. You see, I had small penis syndrome.

RED ALERT: In this post, I will explain the phenomenon of believing your penis is too small, regardless of whether it actually is. I’ll also reveal a bizarre sexual fetish that has emerged around the issue.

This doesn’t mean my penis actually was small. Oh, no. My measured size is well within the “normal” range, as my doctor informed me while obviously but compassionately battling a smirk. But I believed I had a small penis; I believed it strongly enough that in my world, it was true. It’s not that I wanted to believe it, as in fact I found the belief profoundly embarrassing, and noticed that I was getting progressively more depressed over it as time went on.

That was the main reason I finally went to the doctor about it. Yet so ingrained was my truth that when he told me I was statistically mistaken, I flat-out accused him of lying to make me feel better. To the man’s credit, he didn’t seem offended by this blatant, unwarranted attack on his professional integrity.

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Rather, he was merely curious: Was I gay or bisexual? Had I been frequenting nudist beaches or resorts? Did I shower with other guys at school? The answer to all three questions was No, so he wondered why I was so convinced of my diminutive dimensions. What reference was I using? “I watch porn online,” I confidently informed him. “So I know how big penises are supposed to be.”


What Causes Small Penis Syndrome?

Small penis syndrome – the conviction that your trouser snake is below-average in size, irrespective of whether it actually is – is an epidemic among men, and porn is a large part of the reason why. It’s not that guys only started worrying about this after the first time someone paid two people to have sex in front of a camera, but it is a fact that never before in history have so many men had such ready access to so much visual documentation of the naked bodies of other men who are chosen for their abnormally large endowments.

Male performers in pornographic videos usually have penises that rank in the top 1% of the size range. Measuring your size against these chaps will inevitably result in a distorted impression of your penile adequacy.

Let that pearl of wisdom be my public service for the week: male porn stars do not represent the average man in terms of penis size, any more than politicians represent the average person’s socio-economic class. If you’re like most men, then your congressman has more money than you, and Ron Jeremy has more penis than you. That’s just the way it is.

The average penis size, when measured by gripping the tip of your flaccid member and stretching it out as far as you can without hurting yourself, then holding the ruler flat against your pubic bone, is a little over 5 inches. So anyone with small penis syndrome who falls below that number at least isn’t flouting reality, like I was, in thinking that they are below average. Psychologically, these men can end up suffering a great deal.

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I was just in the early stages of worrying about it when my doctor shot me down (he ultimately did get through to me), but left unchecked, small penis syndrome can be emotionally devastating. Sufferers report not just depression, as I experienced, but intense feelings of inadequacy as men, loss of confidence, and such powerful shame at the prospect of exposing their penis to a woman that it may prevent them from seeking intimacy altogether. Above all, these men fear that their small size will render them unable to sexually please women; if she can’t even feel you when you’re in her, how are you supposed to get her off?

Small penis sex issues.

It’s worth noting that small penis sex, in reality, isn’t the unmitigated disaster that small penis syndrome sufferers believe it to be. According to polls, somewhere around 80% of women in relationships report being perfectly happy with their partner’s size. Most of the girls I’ve talked to about this say that size doesn’t make much of a difference in sex until you reach the extremes, and even then, they worry more about getting hurt by a monster penis than they do about not feeling a tiny one.

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In my experience, the only women who actually want a really big one are THOTs looking to hook up for a night. So a round of small penis sex may make it harder to get a second encounter with the girls you pick up at the bar, but leave your committed girlfriend feeling unsatisfied? Not so much.

Most women report that penetrative sex is not enough for them to experience orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is also needed, and often preferred.

The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t overestimate the importance of sexual intercourse to women. Most of them can’t even orgasm by penetrative sex alone anyway, regardless of size; clitoral stimulation is needed. If you really want to be a good lover, learn how to make a clit happy instead of pearl-clutching about being an inch shy. There is a definite technique to fingering a girl and eating her out without overstimulating her; familiarize yourself with it, and she’ll think of you the next time she’s horny, even if Peter’s proportions fail to impress.


Small Penis Sex Options

And if you really want to make some lemonade out of the penile lemons life has handed you, consider turning your small penis into a bona fide sexual advantage. I spend a lot of time perusing camgirls on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, and I notice that an awful lot of them are pretty heavily into the “small penis humiliation” (or SPH) fetish.

Small Penis Humiliation, or SPH, is an actual fetish where men with undersized dongs get berated by attractive women for it and experience sexual arousal as a result.

As you might imagine from the name, this is a kind of femdom that centers around a woman belittling and ridiculing a man for his lacking dick size. Needless to say, not only is a small penis not a problem in SPH, it’s a requirement for application. I see oodles of porn catering to this fetish in addition to what the cam girls do, so plenty of guys are obviously interested in it. The curious thing about it is, many hot women are actually genuinely interested in it, as well. I can confirm this from my extensive contacts in the cam girl world.

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It turns out that quite a few THOTs actually experience profound arousal at the idea of domming a man with a small penis. More than one of them has mentioned that they see it as a kind of sexual delicacy that produces a unique flavor of erotic thrill they just can’t get from their “hung,” or normally endowed male sex partners.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, give it a shot, and enjoy getting action thanks to something you thought was going to make you radioactive to women. I would highly recommend you stroll on over to either MyFreeCams or Chaturbate and check out the multitude of femdoms who are into SPH. MyFreeCams seems to attract more of them than Chaturbate does, although either cam site will do.

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Of course, for all that I’ve downplayed the seriousness of having below-average dick size, it would be irresponsible of me not to acknowledge that there really is such a thing as “too small”. That’s because, from a medical standpoint, any phallus below 2.5 to 3 inches in length risks being physically unable to penetrate the average vagina. At that point, small penis sex becomes no sex at all, which is obviously a real problem.

Some men suffer from “Micropenis,” which is when the penis is too small to achieve meaningful penetration of the vagina.

Fortunately, penises this small are incredibly rare, and are almost always the result of hormonal deficiencies reaching as far back as your time in your mother’s womb. If you are lucky enough to have a healthy mom who had access to proper nutrition during her pregnancy, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

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If, on the other hand, you have the misfortune of suffering from this medical condition, then while you still shouldn’t panic or become depressed, it probably is time to discuss treatment options with a doctor. Modern medical technology is a wonderful thing, and it’s getting better. There are already powerful surgical options that can correct your problem, and some penis pills can give you fuller erections that can also improve the situation. In the future, there should be even more possibilities available.