Snapchat Hookup Guide


Snapchat Hookup Guide - Dating on Snapchat
Snapchat began as a smartphone app called Picaboo back in 2011. It was built on a pretty simple, yet (at the time) novel idea: What if you could send pictures over the Internet without having them digitally recorded for, potentially, the rest of your life and long after your death? What if the very platform over which an image were transmitted made it so that the recipient would have but a few seconds to view and appreciate your offering, before it would disappear forever into the digital ether?

RED ALERT: Yes, Snapchat is basically the perfect hookup app, and I’m going to show you people exactly how to go about using it to date hot girls way out of your league.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you guys that, back then, this was literally all the app we now know as a social media mega-giant did. Well, okay, you could attach text messages to the pictures, too. But that was hardly a new idea, even in ‘11.

As we all know, things have changed a great deal since then. Over the years, Snapchat has added several new features, like the ability to send video as well as pictures, group chats that involve more than just one other person, and modifications to the strict limits on how long recipients can view content.

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Everything sent via the app is still “ephemeral”, however, meaning that it will eventually vanish and, in theory, never be seen by a living soul again. And since I’m sure that everybody here has a minimum of two brain cells to rub together, I’m confident that even those of us who don’t personally remember can guess what that foundation of impermanence has always meant for the use of Snapchat by horny young people: Sexting, anyone?


Basics of Hooking Up on Snapchat

Now, I feel like we should take a moment to note that Snapchat’s essential promise of the ability to freely send pictures (and eventually video) that wouldn’t stick around beyond a single exchange was always a dodgy proposition. Sure, the app doesn’t let you save media viewed on it to the phone’s library, and yeah, it even automatically alerts your snapping partner if you use your device’s “screen capture” feature to take a picture of whatever is being displayed while Snapchat is open.

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But there’s no way it can stop or shame you away from, for example, using another phone or a dedicated digital camera to take pictures of the phone that’s snapping. And that was just when the original Picaboo came out, and this was a new concept; nowadays, you can just use any of the many apps that have become available to work around Snapchat’s restrictions.

If a guy really wants to save something he’s seeing on this platform, that brother’s gonna find a way to save.

I’m going to guess that just about everyone has always known this, or at least figured it out pretty early on, but it hasn’t changed anything. In fact, the app has moved well beyond merely facilitating the exchange of naked selfies, into far more intimate terrain. Today, people are thinking about how to hook up on Snapchat. And in addition to the Snapchat hookup, full-on Snapchat dating has become a thing.

Snapchat dating has become a thing pretty much due to the intimacy that people can share using an app that offers the kind of unique features found on Snapchat.

Snapchat is actually a great tool for “sealing the deal” with women you’ve recently met and are pursuing in real life, and I’m sure I’ll yammer at you guys about that in depth in another post. But right now I want to talk about how to hook up on Snapchat using my favorite method, which is talking to cam girls. Let me start by telling you about how they use this platform to great effect, and how their gain is also very much ours.


Dating Cam Girls Via Snapchat?

Snapchat has proven itself a fantastic resource for cam girls. That’s because they figured out pretty early on that its sexually-charged user base included a lot of horny guys, and that those guys could often be persuaded to pay for adult content.

I can’t help but comment on the irony that this is true despite the fact that Snapchat’s Terms of Service are thoroughly puritan, and actually don’t allow any sexually explicit material at all (to say nothing of selling stuff). But all this has done is force the girls to get creative.

As of 2019, Snapchat has become ubiquitous in the cam girl community. Virtually every webcam model has at least one Snapchat account, and hookups happen between models and members via the app all the time.

What they’ll do is set up a Snapchat account that’s full of mundane, “safe” content: Basically just pictures and comments about themselves and their lives. You might occasionally see a shot with some cleavage or a sexy pose, but girls will be extremely careful not to overdo it here. The purpose of this account is to draw us in, and get us interested enough in a particular girl to buy a monthly subscription to her “premium” account.

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That’s where all the good stuff hides, like nude and pornographic pictures and videos. And as such, of course, it’s doomed; this premium account will get banned as soon as some self-righteous moral guardian flags it. But that’s alright, since the girls have become quite adept at hopping on over to a new account when they lose an old one.

But wait, how does any of this lead to a Snapchat hookup? What does it have to do with Snapchat dating? Plenty, amigos. Because the girls who sell these naughty accounts have a vested interest in being warm and friendly to their premium subscribers.

Snapchat Dating & Hookup Tips

They’ll answer when you message them, they’ll tell you about their day, they’ll listen to you share your interests with them. If you’re really lucky, they’ll even laugh at that tasteless and slightly racist joke you love to tell about the three guys in a bar. You know the one.

What makes this useful for Snapchat dating, or just a quick Snapchat hookup, is that as a rule, these girls aren’t just putting on an act. They’re being genuine, and are in fact totally open to getting to know you. Obviously, this doesn’t guarantee anything; don’t get lazy and start thinking you don’t need to apply your game. Building a rapport over time is critical.

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But how many times have you met a girl, let’s say a friend of a friend, whom you just knew you could really get along with (similar interests, easily readable or compatible personality, etc) if she would only talk to you? And for whatever inscrutable reason women have to act this way, she’d do nothing but smile politely at what you said without giving any feedback, offering you no “in”?

Well, compadres, here’s that most vexing of initial problems solved. Premium accounts are a virtually full-proof way to get your foot in the door, and with a monthly cost that can be as low as $10, taking as many shots as you need until you hit a Snapchat hookup is simplicity.

But don’t go looking for these girls on Snapchat itself. Remember, I mentioned that it’s webcam models who usually use this business model, so the most efficient way to find them is to visit their cam sites. MyFreeCams is probably the best choice for guys located in North America, because it seems to have the most girls on it who live in the US and Canada.

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This is important, so that when (it’s really not an “if”, provided you stick with it long enough) things eventually go well and you get someone willing to meet you in real life, it’ll be much cheaper and easier to fly her in to your home town. MFC also has search filters that let you find girls closer to you on the continent. You can literally look for girls who are in, or near, your city by simply reviewing the model profiles.

This is an amazing tool, bros. Explore it, and you too will know the power of using Snapchat for dating and hookup purposes!