Teledildonics – The Interactive Sex Toys


The age of interactive sex toys
Sex has been around since quite literally the beginning, and our obsession with that particular bodily function has led us to muck around with it quite a bit over the millennia, subject to the ever-changing whims of any given era’s ascendant culture. We’ve restricted it; we’ve cut it loose. We’ve celebrated it; we’ve hidden it under veils of shame. And we’ve argued so much for so long over whether people who have the same parts ought to be having sex with each other, that by today I think it’s safe to say we’re all sick of hearing about it.

RED ALERT: This post will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about interactive sex toys, also called “Teledildonics.”

To a limited degree, we have even messed with the very mechanics of sex, such as through the steps we take to make it easier or harder to get pregnant, and by our taking full advantage of the fact that the human body has more than a single orifice. But if there’s one thing that has always remained North Star-constant about the horizontal mambo, it’s that the people involved kinda had to be in the same room together for things to work.

Sure, we’ve flirted with violating that mandate relatively recently with the use of telephones and cybersex, but the essential fact that another person had to be physically present if you wanted gratification that didn’t come from you has never changed. Today, the advent of teledildonics means we can’t even count on that anymore.


How Interactive Sex Toys Work

Teledildonics refers to a branch of technology concerned with remote-control interactive sex toys. The claim to fame of teledildonic toys is the fact that they, unlike traditional vibrators, are controlled not by the person using them but via an app on a smartphone held by someone else. And that someone else could be anywhere, from a few feet away to (with a good Internet connection) the other side of the planet.

Teledildonic sex toys are interactive and allow for physical sexual relations between partners at a distance.

The toys have an impressive array of features, with the individual who’s tapping the buttons able to not only control the strength and rhythm of the vibrations, but to sync them up with a song currently being listened to by the subject (and even to set them to respond to other sounds in the room). The toys are designed to be discreet, too; a girl could slip a teledildonic vibrator made for silence partially into her vagina, wear a full outfit of clothing over it, and go out into public, where the strangers around her would be none the wiser that she was having the time of her life, thanks to the inputs of some very trusted fellow located elsewhere.

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And don’t be fooled by the gender-specific example. Despite the presence of the word “dildo” right in the middle of “teledildonics”, male versions of these devices are very much available. For instance, the “Max” male masturbator is a vibrating sleeve that fits over the penis. Made to resemble an actual vagina, it can produce suction and approximate muscular contractions in addition to offering varying vibration intensities. Naturally, all of these features are controlled via app, on a phone that could be anywhere on Earth.

Lovense Max

Max is made by a company called Lovense, which has taken the lead in teledildonic toys since about 2011. Lovense also produces a female-specific vibrator called “Nora”, which is in the mold of the device I described in the previous paragraph. Max and Nora, in fact, are true interactive sex toys, able to interface with one another and respond to each other’s movements. This is where the old traditions we discussed really get turned on their heads: through teledildonics, people in different parts of the country or the world could well simulate a mechanically comprehensive sexual encounter, complete with mutual gratification.

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Some of the implications of this technology are pretty obvious. Couples in long-distance relationships, for example, who must span varying lengths of time without the ability to be physically near each other, can now enjoy a degree of intimacy while apart that was never possible in the past. Considering that these relationships are notoriously unstable precisely due to their lack of sex (and the infidelity that often results), interactive sex toys could have a real impact on the viability of such pairings.

The devices could even spice things up: given the nature of remote-control teledildonic toys, which necessarily involves a tremendous transfer of power from the person wearing them to the one in control, great potential exists for people who enjoy the whole dominance and submission angle.


Teledildonics in Webcam Modeling

Teledildonics is impacting industry, too – specifically, webcamming, and once again we have Lovense to thank. Their “Lush” product is a teledildonic vibrating bullet that has gained great popularity among cam girls. That’s because the ladies are able to tie Lush into their performances and give their paying members control. The Lush bullet can be set to react to tips received in the channel, forcing the model to endure vibrations of varying intensities depending on when, and how much, a viewer coughs up.

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This has positively revolutionized how cam girls monetize their audiences, with average earnings typically doubling for girls who use Lush versus those who go without. And let me tell you, my brothers, I can see why. Some of the hottest cam shows I have ever seen in my life have involved the use of a Lush. Sometimes I kick back and just watch other members drive the poor girl crazy by tipping her, while other times I become an active participant and give her some sweet torture with my own tokens; either way, it’s an amazing experience.

Lovense Lush Teledildonic Sex Toy

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What the model really wants, of course, is for several viewers to “battle” for control, or simply cooperate in getting her off, by continuously giving tips, and that’s when the show can get really interesting. If you’re at all into cam girls (and you should be), I can’t recommend checking out a Lush show enough. Plenty of cam girls are using this thing, but I notice that they’re particularly common on MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, so you should try those sites first.

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I really feel like the power that Lush has demonstrated in shaking up the webcam industry is emblematic of the potential of teledildonic toys to change the way we think of sex. I personally know a girl (just a friend, I swear) who likes to tell me about her adventures with interactive sex toys, and they have made a huge difference in her relationship with her boyfriend. What’s interesting about them is that they’ve been together for about 7 years, and they traditional sex life has dwindled significantly over time so that they might only get it on an average of once a month, yet they can’t get enough of playing with their Nora.

Interactive sex toys can change the way sexual partners engage intimately with each other.

My friend’s favorite game is to sit in a public place like Starbucks or Panera Bread wearing full professional attire, while pretending to be taking an important business call on her phone. In reality, she’s talking to her boyfriend, who is taunting her about when he might choose to ramp up the vibrator concealed in her panties.

Her challenge is to keep a straight face when he does so, which she says is exquisitely (and wonderfully) difficult. She says she can easily cum several times during one of these sessions, while of course, her boyfriend is whacking it at home. Play like this hasn’t actually caused them to have physical sex any more often, yet their sexual interaction has gone through the roof because of Nora.

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Obviously, I can’t say how common this kind of story might be. It’s just a gut feeling I have that these toys could have a major impact moving forward.