Understanding The Dirty Panty Fetish


Used Panty Fetish
I’ve always said that if it exists, there’s a sexual fetish about it. I still believe that, but I think the issue goes a lot deeper than one simple sentence. Because as we all know, fetishes aren’t universal: I may have one that you think is interesting but just doesn’t work for you, and a third guy might not only not be into what I am, but he’d be totally grossed out by it. There’s probably no such thing as a fetish that applies to everyone.

RED ALERT: This post will explain the truth behind why dirty panty fetish has become so popular. Even if soiled used panties aren’t exactly your thing, you’re definitely going to want this 411, trust me. At the very least, it’ll give you a great juicy topic to discuss with pals during the next game night.

And yet, the appeal of different fetishes isn’t any more one-size-fits-all than the fetishes themselves. Some are very well-subscribed (female domination is the #1 kink on porn sites right now), while others are very fringe (coprophagia has got to qualify for this, and please don’t make me define that term).

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And while I’ve long realized that the dirty panty fetish is a thing, it’s only relatively recently that I have come to appreciate just how popular it is, especially online. This intrigues me for a number of reasons, and I’d thought I’d take some time to cover the issue.


The Dirty Panty Trade

I should probably begin by differentiating between a fetish for panties in general, which could well apply to (for example) a man buying fresh panties at a department store and getting a thrill from wearing them himself, and the more specific dirty panty fetish. I suppose the latter is best classified as a narrow subset of the broader former, but it’s also vastly more popular, to the point where there is significant money in it.

There are entire marketplace websites dedicated to the sale of women’s used underwear. They’re highly suspect, mostly because their customers desire to buy dirty panties that have actually been worn by a woman (and are shipped without being washed) and can never really know that that’s what they’re getting.

Marketplace panty selling sites are the last place a dirty panty fetishist should go for product. They’re simply loaded with fake used panties that you can never be sure ever contained a woman’s ass.

And in the end, a woman who sells on those sites has to “work” full-time and remorselessly defraud her buyers to move maybe $2,000 worth of volume per month, so it’s questionable whether such places are worth it for either side of the transaction. But there is money to be made, by the sites themselves if no one else.

In my experience, the finances of the used panty fetish work a lot better for women who work as cam girls. They’re pretty well cut out for the business, because they already have a built-in customer base in their loyal regulars.

Of course, it isn’t that chicks on cam sites are making more money than those sinking all their time into the marketplace sites, but more that they aren’t sinking all their time into nothing but panty sales. Despite that, though, they make a nice side income, so that panties become one of the many small revenue streams that join together to provide cam girls with a stable river of income.

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The reason that men are willing to pay money for dirty underwear are obviously sexual, though they’re expressed in different ways by different people. Some guys like to hold the panties in their hand and stare at them while masturbating, while others prefer having them in direct contact with their penis for that.

Still others enjoy actually wearing the panties as they have at themselves, though we should notice that these men aren’t really true transvestite fetishists if they still insist on having soiled panties off a real woman’s butt. Otherwise, as I briefly covered earlier, they would just buy their own clean pairs for much cheaper.


Used Panty Fetish – The Primal Factor

But through all of this, by far the most common turn-on for guys with a dirty panty fetish is an olfactory one. They want to sniff those babies, and it’s the smell that does it for them. This is the part that leaves some people who don’t share the kink in question uneasy, or even physically nauseated.

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Let’s grab this bull by both horns: We’re talking about getting off on the odor of someone’s crotch. That’s just plain gross for some. But for those who are into it, it’s all the marbles. Smell is the reason there are online markets for this.

But I don’t want to give the impression that the used panty fetish exists only on the Internet, nor even that the Internet gave rise to it. As has been the case with so many other peculiarities, the information age has merely popularized something that’s been around for a very long time.

The used panty fetish is basically about smelling a hot girl’s crotch. It’s about funk, pheromones, and primal arousal triggers.

To put it simply, on a very deep and primal level, we like how the opposite sex smells. Science has long been aware that all humans put off either male or female pheromones, and that each set of these pheromones serves to sexually arouse those who are emitting the other. I’ve known women who get turned on by pressing their face into their boyfriend’s armpit during sex, and at least one man who was reliably at his horniest when his girlfriend refrained from showering for a few days.

If you find any of that disgusting, I invite you to consider the fact that as recently as a couple of hundred years ago (and, needless to say, anything before that), no one else would have. In ages before hot running water and eight-packs of Irish Spring, body odor was pretty much always with us, and it’s not that everyone was silently but miserably suffering through it. It’s that no one cared.

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I’ve heard people say that it was deodorant manufacturers who used an ad blitz to make the general public uncomfortable about body smells, just to create a problem to which those same companies could then sell the solution, but I don’t know that it’s that simple.

What seems clear is that the only reason we now feel ashamed of being able to smell ourselves, and the reason we barrage strangers with prejudices and preconceptions when we can smell them, is because modern technologies give us that luxury.

So in that sense, it can almost seem like incorrect language to call the used panty fetish a fetish at all. Of course heterosexual men like the smell of a woman’s vagina; it’s only natural. But I’d be surprised if there isn’t more going on here, especially considering what some of my cam girl friends have told me about their used panty customers.

Dirty Panty Fetish

Apparently, some guys want panties carrying not only a girl’s scent, but her urine, period blood, or even feces. I can imagine getting over my cultural conditioning enough to sniff between a girl’s thighs and become aroused by it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to envision getting the same results from sniffing her loaded toilet bowl contents.

The details of the dirty panty fetish may turn the stomach of many, but it’s all ultimately connected to primal olfactory triggers instilled in human brains long ago by evolution. There may also be a blood flow connection.

It could well be that there’s just something neurochemically different about guys who have this fetish, in it’s various forms. I recently read about a Japanese researcher who managed to detect reduced average blood flow in the brain of a man who had been a compulsive panty thief since he was 11 years old.

This guy really had it bad: He had been arrested several times for swiping underwear from women – any women, with the exceptions of his mother, his sisters, and eye-archingly enough, his own girlfriend.

If nothing else, I guess it makes a kind of sense that this urgent matter of pressing importance to the human condition would be scientifically studied in the country that boasts not only vending machines offering used panties, but entire stores dedicated to selling the soiled undergarments.

God, I love Japan.