Used Panties For Sale – Yes, Really


Used Panties For Sale
When I was a kid, I remember being superlatively confused whenever I would see movies and TV shows depicting a male character taking – or being interested in taking – panties from a woman he’d had sex with. Why, my naive mind wondered, would men want women’s clothes? Were they going to take the panties home and wear them themselves? And even if that was what they were planning, why steal the garments from their girlfriend? Wouldn’t department stores sell panties to male customers the same as they would to female ones?

RED ALERT: Anyone who gets off on sniffing used panties will need to pay close attention here, because I’m going to reveal some tips on how to get the best dang dirty panties you’ve ever feasted your olfactory receptors on.

It wasn’t until I was much older, probably pushing college age, that I even really began to figure this puzzle out. Fresh panties off the shelf just wouldn’t do; I had it pretty solidly down that the fact that they had just been worn by another person was an important part of the appeal. But beyond that, even my maturing reasoning skills got stuck on seeing your sexual conquest’s underwear as some sort of “trophy”. That may be a reasonably accurate descriptor for some men’s interest, but it turns out it really misses the point in a majority of cases.

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I’ll come back to exactly why men like panties in a moment, because I feel the need to emphasize first that whatever the reason, they really, really do. It’s to the point where, in the Internet age, selling used panties is a thing for girls, and finding used panties for sale isn’t hard for guys who are interested.

Entire websites – of admittedly dubious overall usefulness, whether a buyer or seller you be – exist to facilitate this commerce. Women who have lost their jobs, or who simply wish to turn in notice at the office and try something new, have been known to go into business hawking their underwear online. And, perhaps surprisingly for some, it works. Men actually will pay money, typically north of $20 a pop, for this product.

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Which logically must mean that the women selling it are making a mint, right? I mean, come on: It turns out we live in a world in which someone can announce to the world that she has dirty panties for sale, and have customers be attracted by this declaration. Time to back up the truck at your local Walmart, buy out their inventory of $1 panties, and flip each and every one of those little moneymakers for a monstrous 2,000% profit (minus packaging and shipping). It’s villas in Bora Bora by year’s end!


The Reality of The Used Panties Trade

But alas, I must counsel restraint to any ambitious entrepreneurs reading my blog. There are a few bottlenecks in this business model. One of the most glaring of these is the overall size of the market. While you certainly can get men to shell out when they see used panties for sale, there are only so many who will. And there’s certainly no shortage of women wanting to sell to them.

Perhaps even moreso than issues of supply and demand, however, there’s reason to be concerned about the potential for unscrupulousness in this industry. As I eventually realized growing up, men ready to slap down a Jackson for women’s underwear aren’t about to go shopping at Macy’s; they want a pair off a girl’s ass cheeks.

But it can be difficult for guys to feel confident that they’re actually getting this. Anyone can promise panties she’s been wearing on the Internet — then when she gets paid, sure, she’ll ship out panties. It’s the “she’s been wearing” part that’s hard to confirm.

Buying Dirty Panties on The Internet

This is really the one and only reason both buyers and sellers should need to stay away from the marketplace websites selling used panties I mentioned earlier (PantyDeal, Sniffr, among others). Buyers can’t know they’re getting what they pay for, creating a lack of good faith that hurts sellers. And sellers are under tremendous pressure to cheat, because the buyers usually want a product that has been worn for at least 24 hours prior to being sold (unwashed, of course).

The marketplace sites used by many to buy and sell dirty panties are precisely where you DON’T want to get your naughty knickers from. Too much fraud, no personal connection, and inferior products.

So here’s a quick math quiz: At most, how many panties can you possibly sell if it takes you one full day to “prep” each pair? The answer would seem to be 7 per week. And how many can you sell when you buy them en mass and maybe give them a brief spritz of something to make them look and smell right? The answer would seem to be a lot more than 7 per week.

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So where exactly is the place to offer dirty panties for sale? For that, we’ll first need to come back to our initial question and understand just why men are into this. Sure, it’s a sexual thing, and for some, I suppose that’s even all that it is. There has to be some reason Japan has those vending machines advertising used panties for sale, without even telling you who they’re supposed to be from.

But for the vast majority of guys who have the fetish, it’s about a lot more than the underwear itself. To them, the identity of the girl who was wearing those panties does matter – in fact, it’s the real product, or at least what gives the product value.

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Not only do most men want to know the woman selling used panties, they want to know About her. They want to have a mutual rapport, some basic details about her personality, and maybe even a certain level of shared affection with her to go along with the fact that they find her hot. In short, they want to be friends with the girl.

In this way, the panties can be seen as a “trophy” only in the most abstract possible sense. They are not a mark of conquest; they’re a token of esteem. They would mean nothing fresh off a store shelf, and they would mean next to nothing coming from, say, a paid prostitute. Their importance rests not in what they are, but in what they represent.


Buying Used Panties From Cam Girls

We need to be clear on this so that we can understand the ideal place for men seeking used panties for sale to go, and the best place for women to sell them: cam sites. Guys already go to these websites seeking to build friendships with girls they like, and the cam girls are genuinely open to this.

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What I personally like about cam sites, from my own male perspective, is that all I have to do is tip a model that I like for maybe a week or so, in order to get “in” with her and be considered a regular.

Cam girls are the best source for quality used panties because you can actually verify they’re a girl, and that they have worn the goods. And when you form a personal connection with a cam girl, you’re unlikely to be defrauded.

Virtually all cam girls will be warm and conversational with their regulars, opening the door to forging a deeper bond. And once that friendship is established, it’s only natural to want something that symbolizes it. Something like, for some men, a pair of panties.

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I’ve talked to a lot of girls who offer their dirty panties for sale on cam sites, so I can tell you a few things about how they’re making out doing so. Applied intelligently, keeping all that’s been said here in mind, a successful panty-seller still isn’t going to be balling from underwear alone. But the money isn’t terrible on its own, and it’s downright excellent when used to supplement the already impressive income a good cam girl can pull down. Now you see why panties are often used as a side-hustle for girls involved in other adult work.

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Alright, Woody signing off. And from the men who buy to the women who sell, I say: Enjoy your panties responsibly!