What is a Pickup Artist?


What is a pickup artist?
We’ve all seen him, and we all want to be him. The smooth-talker in the bar or at the party. The well-groomed, sharply-dressed lady’s man who effortlessly bounces from girl to girl, always striking up and maintaining a flowing conversation with a permanent slick grin and body language that announces he is in control of the encounter.

RED ALERT: If you’ve ever wondered how exactly a Pickup Artist works his art and gets all the hot chicks, your prayers have now been answered. Here, I reveal the tricks of the PUA trade.

Before long, the musical chitter of female laughter radiates from his spot, as the woman he’s talking to can’t help but have the time of her life in his company. When he leaves whatever gathering he’s in, more often than not, he’s got a pretty face and hot body in tow. But just as crucially, if he doesn’t, his good humor and confident assertiveness are undiminished, ready to rally in his name the next time they are needed. This man is a PUA, and he has what it takes.


Pickup Artist Basics

If you didn’t know, PUA stands for Pickup Artist. But what exactly is a pickup artist? A pickup artist is a man (in almost all cases) who has put in the time and effort to learn how to play this game well. It doesn’t just mean knowing how to talk to women; that’s only part of it. It’s also about your ability to read the girl you’re with, how you carry yourself, and the way you respond to setbacks.

Being a pickup artist doesn’t mean you can choose any girl in the room you like and get her to jump into bed with you with a 100% success rate. But it does means you know how to maximize your chances — it also means you know not to quit when a particular attempt doesn’t go your way.

Being an effective Pickup Artist is all about playing the numbers, and being confident that probability is on your side. Even if you fail on most of your attempts, there will always be a success rate greater than zero.

That’s probably the single most important weapon in the PUA’s arsenal: persistence. You can be the most skilled hunter in the observable universe, but if you throw in the towel after your first rejection, you’ve still got a date with only your hand. This cuts to the very soul of what a pickup artist is.

You can fake it for awhile, but ultimately, that persistence is born of confidence. If you want to get your PUA on, then you need to get your mind right, brother. Look at yourself, inside and out, and like what you see. If you don’t, change it until you do. Be the sort of man that girls should want to spend their time with; the sort who only gets turned down by fools who don’t know what they’re denying themselves.

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You may pity the girl who tells you no, but you will not pine for her or feel humiliated by her lack of perception. And you will never, ever let her stop you from offering someone else the opportunity she failed to seize. That’s where the PUA is, and it’s where you need to get.

Now that you know thyself, Sun Tzu teaches us that the next step is to know thy enemy. Female psychology is immensely important in this game; you need to know how they think. To be sure, it’s a nuanced understanding that comes with time, but the essentials are pretty simple. At their most basic, women are hardwired by evolution to be attracted to men of a high “sexual value”.

PUA tricks of the trade.

This breaks down to three important traits underlying a woman’s perception of you; you can think of them as three questions she’s always asking herself about you without even realizing she’s doing it. First, what level of resources do you command? Second, what is your social status? And finally, are you a strong man?

Subconsciously, women tend to judge men based on three criteria; 1) Resources  2) Social Status  3) Strength

Let’s take those one at a time, because they all need some breaking down. Even the first, which is mostly pretty straightforward: yes, women like men who have a lot of money. I’ll pause here for a moment and let you get over your shock.

No, but seriously, this isn’t what it seems, because you don’t have to actually be rich, or even have much money at all. Just look like you do, by wearing nice clothes, spending more or less freely when the girl’s watching, and dropping hints into the conversation like subtle references to your “business”.

Social status is a similar beast: you could actually be a senior Senator or important diplomat with the credentials to prove it, but getting seen in a group with other guys who seem to defer to you as their leader (read: their “alpha”) sends all the right signals too.

And of course, always remember to use “preselection” when possible: if a woman sees you around other women, who appear to be enjoying your company, she can’t help but wonder what they know that she doesn’t.

The third and final subconscious question is a bit trickier. From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s just what it sounds like: women want the beach bodybuilder who can physically protect them. In today’s culture of the empowered female, ubiquitous policing, and drastically reduced incidence of violence, however, this is no longer the nigh-universal standard that it once was.

Men only need to “send signals” that they possess the qualities of wealth, status, and strength. They don’t actually need to have them. Even when a girl KNOWS you don’t possess these traits, she most often will still be attracted to you if you simply ACT like you do.

Nowadays, women seek out men with the “strength” to keep them safe not in a natural wilderness, but in the concrete jungle. This entails more cleverness and quick wit than huge arms and a club. It’s more like the ability to bend others to your will through charisma and charm rather than the capacity to smash them into a fine paste.

But again, it’s about perception, not reality: even if you aren’t that kind of guy, an attitude of confidence, assertiveness, and fearlessness will carry you as far as you need to go.


The Pickup Artist Online Training Ground

So, what is a pickup artist? He’s a guy who understands the above principles and techniques, can apply them consistently, and doesn’t run for the door the moment they aren’t instantly successful. If all of this sounds impossibly difficult and complex, it really isn’t. Once you get into the groove, it becomes second nature. Being a PUA is, however, a skill, and like any skill, it requires practice to develop and maintain.

You’re certainly free to do your practice in real life at bars and parties, though many men find this very challenging because of the amount of public rejection they typically have to face before even beginning to enjoy success. Luckily, there’s an extremely handy shortcut to this otherwise unpleasant training process, and that’s to try out your game on cam girls online.

Training to be a PUA at bars and parties has serious drawbacks. A limited number of eligible girls, significant time investment, and massive public rejection exposure.

Any and all of the techniques described above can be used on cam girls, to equal or greater effect. This even includes seemingly inapplicable strategies such as preselection: you may not be in the room with a cam girl for her to watch the other woman laugh at your jokes, but nothing is to stop you from showing her your Facebook page that includes all those pictures of beautiful women (helpful friends, if need be) hanging from your arm.

The best part about doing this with cam girls is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted to practice. Once you get good at working these tricks and start to resemble a skilled PUA, make no mistake about it: cam girls meet site members in real life all the time, bro. I’ve got stories I could tell about real-world adventures with webcam models that could get me inducted into the Playboy Hall of Fame.

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However you do decide to train, just train your ass off. The skills will come, and you too will be able to enjoy the rewards of being a PUA.