What is Premium Snapchat?


What is Premium Snapchat?
Ah, Snapchat. That digital haven of gratification where horny young people with the right level of closeness gather to flash each other some skin. I won’t lie, amigos, I’ve got myself a few such trusted friends, and they’re amazing fun (not bragging, here; if you don’t have girls like that in your life now, you too can get them with the application of just a little intelligently directed effort).

RED ALERT: You’ve heard about it, now I’m going to explain exactly what premium Snapchat is and how you can get your rocks off with it.

But what I really love about Snapchat is that it’s one of several online hives of debauchery where you can go not only to consummate such not-quite-platonic relationships, but to forge them. And girls are more than just aware of this — they’ve capitalized on it with the use of hot premium Snapchat accounts.


Premium Snapchat – How It Works

What is premium Snapchat content, and how does it differ from regular Snapchat content? Well, let me back up a bit. You may already be aware that girls working within the (excessively) broad category of “adult entertainment” like to use public, or “free” Snapchat accounts to build their brand. It’s pretty ingenious, really: The girl puts up a Snapchat account, and pretty much uses it as normal.

Premium Snapchat accounts are basically an easy way for ordinary hotties to monetize their social media followings. But pro adult models use it too, as I discuss below.

She posts about how terrible the movie she just saw was, how funny her friend was being last night, and how amazing her new blueberry muffin recipe is. She offers pictures of herself engaged in various activities, wearing various “cute” outfits…and maybe showing a little bit of cleavage or leg in a suggestive pose.

She also mentions, here and there but never too much, that she operates a “premium” account, visible to friends only but accessible for a small monthly fee, for those who want to see a little bit more of her. Everyone knows her meaning: She’s offering them the chance to pay for some dirty Snapchat, where they’ll be seeing her in all her glory and maybe even enjoying herself in some very explicit ways. Sweet Lord of Light, I love these girls.

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All of this has to be communicated with a wink and a nod, of course, because sexually explicit content is a clear no-no under Snapchat’s morally superior Terms of Service, and the clause forbidding it is pretty jealously enforced.

The last thing a girl wants to do is get her public account banned, because it’ll usually have a large number of followers that are important toward building and maintaining her notoriety in the business. I’m friends with a lot of women who sell dirty Snapchat this way, and they’re very careful about protecting their free accounts.

So the obvious question for all of us to ask is, how do they keep their premium accounts from being banned? That’s simple: They don’t. Those things get shot down like digital fowl at a Nintendo Duck Hunt tournament. But that, at least, is no big deal. It’s common and expected, and more than that, it’s part of the industry. Entire platforms exist to streamline the process of “recovering” from losing a premium account.

Premium Snapchat Model - Dirty Snapchat

An example is FanPageTV which, for a percentage of subscription sales, will keep a list of a girl’s members and automatically alert them when she gets banned, along with informing them of her new screen name once she gets another up and running.

Yes, these sites are more or less egregiously aiding in and profiting from the flagrant violation of Snapchat’s rules, but those rules are puritanical, self-righteous, and inconsistently enforced, so I don’t care and neither should you. Besides, we get more tiddies this way.

Snapchat has risen to become the chief social media platform used in the transmission of adult content, despite the fact that such content has always been against its terms.

Now, what is a premium Snapchat subscription supposed to cost? Turns out the girls are doing pretty well at this. An attractive, outgoing woman who keeps her premium account well-stocked with new content can easily get away with asking a solid $40 per month per subscriber (but many premium Snapchats go for between $10 to $20 per month).

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And the sky’s the limit on subscribers, since there’s no hard restriction concerning how many people can be given access to the goodies. Dirty Snapchat can be anything from a mediocre source of pocket money to a serious income stream.

Well, alright, so there is one limit on a girl’s premium membership numbers: How many guys can she get interested enough to pay for a subscription? And that’s why her free profile is so important to her, even if no one has to cough up to see it. That account is all about attracting eyeballs and inducing guys to follow her life so they come to see her as someone apart from all the nameless women on the porn sites who we can view for free.


Promoting a Premium Snapchat Account

One of the many tools that these girls can use to promote their free profiles is to conduct a “Snapchat takeover” of another account. I know, I know, it sounds like they’re out there hacking the site to seize someone’s screen name for some nefarious purpose, but it’s nothing like that. I swear, these “takeovers” are totally consensual. Actually, I think they’re a lot of fun, and I recommend watching one if you haven’t.

All a takeover is, is a girl being given access to post under the Snapchat account of an adult industry fat cat for a day: Think Pornhub or Redtube. Now, this isn’t about nudity or sex shows; it’s still happening on Snapchat, so none of that is allowed (and the girls doing the takeovers definitely don’t want to get their hosts is trouble). But it does allow the girl to reach a vast audience, and hopefully get those viewers to come check out her own accounts.

Takeovers of large accounts can result in massive increases of followers and subscribers for a model’s own Snapchat accounts.

The reason the takeovers are enjoyable to watch is because the smart girls will get creative to attract attention, so we can watch them go hiking or bungee jumping or whatever. Then if we like her and want to see more of her, figuratively and literally, that option is open to us on her dirty Snapchat account.

But as useful as takeovers can be for promoting a Snapchat profile, girls get their best results by putting themselves out on cam sites. I really love the symbiosis that goes on there. A cam girl can casually talk about her presence on Snapchat while camming, but she can also mention her camming work on Snapchat!

That way, anyone who finds her on one platform has a chance to visit her on the other, which can multiply her earnings. Camming and Snapchat just go together, which is why girls will typically do both.

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And, between me and my bros, some of the inexperienced ones will try too hard. Not knowing any better, they’ll start up on a cam site and try to direct people to their free Snapchat, then get a little too frisky with the pictures and video they put on that profile. That basically means you can get what should be their premium dirty Snapchat, for free.

If you want to find these beginners, I recommend MyFreeCams and Chaturbate; they’re both so huge and popular, most new girls show up on one (or both) at some point.

Before I sign out, I want to mention to you guys that premium Snapchat can be beneficial way beyond just offering an opportunity to see naked girls. In fact, if that’s all it offered, it wouldn’t be very well be worth $40 a month; as previously discussed, you can easily get porn for free. The reason we want to check out these premium accounts is not because they let us see girls, but because they let us see girls we can get to know and feel close to.

Premium Snapchat models achieve success, not by simply flashing naughty bits and getting explicit, but by bonding with their subscribers. The stronger the bond, the longer they stick around, and the more money she makes.

These women positively treasure their premium subscribers and don’t want to lose them, so they’re careful to lavish attention on them. They’ll answer you when you message them, they’ll talk to you, and they’ll be more than willing to open up and share about themselves and their lives.

This – and say it with me guys – is Not An Act. It’s a golden opportunity to bond with women, and potentially forge a deeper relationship. You see where I’m going with this, I’m sure. This is a dating resource.

So, what is a premium Snapchat account? On top of everything else, it’s a shot. And there’s a funny thing about shots, my bros: You miss 100% of the ones you don’t take.