The Best Snapchat Girls & Hot Accounts


Best Snapchat Girls and Hottest Accounts
Alright, guys, let me be blunt: If you don’t know Snapchat, you don’t know porn. The famous sexting app is now the best place to watch the hottest girls on the internet get down and dirty. Let’s take a look at some of the best Snapchat girls and their blisteringly hot porn accounts. Trust me, this is information you definitely need to know.

RED ALERT: It’s time to find out which are the hottest Snapchat accounts, and which Snapchat girls are the best at inducing boners with their premium content. You may overheat halfway through this post, so have some lemonade at the ready, cuz it’s gonna get steamy, my bros!


AJ Applegate – Blond Booty-Girl of Snapchat

AJ Applegate is both seriously hot and a down-to-Earth girl. She’s known in the porn industry for her amazing badonkadonk booty, but she’s just gorgeous all around. She was both a dancer and a cheerleader for 14 years before ever starring in her first scene, and all that physical conditioning really paid off (check out those firm, athletic thighs!).

In her video interview, AJ says she started masturbating and watching porn long before she actually lost her virginity, and has always been intrigued and attracted by sex. That’s definitely a hallmark of the best Snapchat girls!

Still, the poor girl was almost 17 when she first had sex. She paints a picture of her personal life as being very laid back, without opportunities to get up to the kinds of naughtiness she really loves and wants to experience.

Well, that’s what a porn career is for, my dear. AJ laments that she would never be able to get gang-banged in real life; it’s just not something that happens in her world, even though it’s long been a fantasy of hers. But she recently got to fulfill it in one of her videos. She couldn’t be happier about it, and is genuinely delighted that she can now say she took a gang-bang before she dies.

Of course, as AJ herself will tell you, people think of her and immediately want to know about that anatomically perfect backside. She’s got an awesome butt, and she isn’t afraid to show it off up close and personal in her videos. She loves doing anal scenes, even if the process of preparing for them is a bit of a pain.

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She has to quit eating by 8 PM the night before an anal shoot, then use an enema in the morning, neither of which are much fun. She does usually wear a butt-plug to the set, though, probably to keep that bootyhole appropriately stretched and ready.

It got awkward one time, though, when she ended up having to leave the shoot for a bit to go to Starbucks. Of course, Mr. Plug was still lodged in there, and AJ was terrified that everyone was going to somehow notice. No one did, of course, and she got her coffee without anybody there being the wiser.

Let me tell you, girls like AJ Applegate are what hot Snapchat accounts are all about. I’ve seen her snaps, and they will pop you a stiff so hard, you might need medical attention to get that sucker to go down. Check her premium Snapchat account out on FanCentro, it’s definitely worth the few bucks it will cost you.

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Lana Rhoades – Sweet, Curvy Snapchat Girl

Lana Rhoades is another one of the best Snapchat girls out there right now. She’s an amazing pornstar, though she does prefer to let others decide whether to even call her that anymore, as she’s now semi-retired from the industry. In this video, she’s interviewed by another awesomely curvaceous porn girl, Lena the Plug, so you know it’s gonna be good.

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Lana’s a sharp cookie, having graduate high school early, and her cheer-leading past gives her the body to match her mind. She grew up as a country girl, but was never all that innocent. She wanted to get into porn since before she was legal to do it. Once she did turn 18, though, she dove right in, soon after doing some sizzling pictorials for Playboy Cyber Girls.

In the video, she mentions hot Snapchat accounts – specifically her own, where she and Lena had a twerking contest that’s a must-see. She also talks about her feelings on anal sex, and about a scene she did that involved her taking two guys in the back door at once.

Hell, that scares me just thinking about it, and Lana admits that she “had panic attacks” leading up to the filming for fear that it would hurt. It ended up not being so bad, but she isn’t likely to try it again.

Actually, there may be a few experiences in Lana’s past she wouldn’t care to repeat. Like the time she and her then-boyfriend, both drunk, went to IHOP at 3 AM and she put his sausage in her mouth – under the table, if you’re getting me.

It may not have been such a big deal, if not for the fact that they then got caught for trying to dine and dash, at which time they were called out on their secret fun. Which, the manager said, wasn’t so secret, as he saw the whole thing. Nice, Lana.

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Riley Reid – The Girl That Melted Snapchat

We’ve also got a video on the lovely Riley Reid, who comes to us from sunny Miami, Florida. Riley is genuinely an award-winning porn star, having been honored with an AVN for a 2014 movie she was in and several XBIZ Awards.

She also scored Eighth on LA Weekly’s “10 Porn Stars Who Could Be The Next Jenna Jameson” list. And of course, she’s got one of those hot Snapchat accounts, and is definitely one of the best Snapchat girls out there.

In her video, Riley answers questions from some of her fans, though of course it has to be admitted that some of those “questions” are more like remarks from various guys about what they’d like to do to her. Riley’s a pretty bright and cheerful girl, and takes it all in stride.

Later on, she shares some of her views and feelings about sex, and she’s pretty progressive on the subject. Riley says that some of the closest, most intimate relationships she’s ever had have been platonic, while she’s fully capable of going to bed with someone without getting attached. Hey, you go, girl!

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The Best Snapchat Girls Are on Cam Sites

Alright, so with just these three amazing ladies serving as examples, we can see that there are definitely some hot Snapchat accounts out there, and the best Snapchat girls are positively on fire. But I’ve gotta be honest with you guys, and tell you that the real secret to finding the hottest Snapchat babes online is through cam sites. Specifically, I’m talking about MyFreeCams, or “MFC.” This is where it’s really at, amigos.

As its name would suggest, MyFreeCams is a “free” cam site, meaning you pay nothing just to sit and watch the girls. You’re certainly welcome to keep it to that and simply enjoy the show, but I recommend thinking about buying some on-site “tokens” that allow you to tip the models (tokens turn back into real money, for them).

This is how you start to form relationships with the young ladies on the site, and believe me, those relationships can eventually go as far as you dare to take them. Romances definitely bloom on MFC between webcam models and their fans, and it’s becoming a common thing now for guys to fly out to meet girls in person whom they first encountered on a cam site.

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Almost all of the girls on MFC have free Snapchat accounts (called “public Snapchats”), and adding them allows you to sext them and get to know them better. I’m telling you, cam girls are the hottest Snapchat girls you’re ever gonna find. The main reason for this is that they like to engage guys in sexy chats, because that’s their business as cam girls.

The biggest reason I think MFC is best for these kinds of online pickups is because of its strong social and community features, which encourage interaction between fans and models (not to mention fans and other fans, where great friendships can be found).

MyFreeCams is like a social media site for adults only. You can interact with just about everybody, and the sense of community is quite strong. Virtually every cam girl on the site has a Snapchat account.

Cam girls post to timelines there which can be responded to by their followers, so you can always keep in touch with your favorite girls. And those girls can get REALLY warm and friendly when you just tip them a little. It’s not an act, either; seeing that you’re willing to help them make a living seems to bring their defenses down, and they become open to getting to know you.

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Give this a try, you guys. You won’t be disappointed.